Letters to the Editor

  • On "The National History Center and the AHA"

    Letters to the Editor

    James M. Banner, Jr. | Nov 30, 2022

    To the Editor:James Grossman’s announcement that the National History Center is to be absorbed into the American Historical Association (“The National...
  • On "Townhouse Notes: Boo"

    Letters to the Editor

    Ty Geltmaker | Nov 30, 2022

    To the Editor:Leland Renato Grigoli’s “Townhouse Notes: Boo” (October 2022) is worthy of the New Yorker’s “Shouts & Murmurs.” Nothing this smart has e...
  • On "Two Separate Societies, Divided by Color’: Race, Colonialism, and Bridgerton"

    Letters to the Editor

    Robert Shaffer | Nov 30, 2022

    To the Editor:In her smart and cleverly written examination of race (and its absence) in the Regency period drama Bridgerton (“‘Two Separate Societies...
  • On "Is History History?"

    Letters to the Editor

    Scott Green | Oct 31, 2022

    To the Editor:I loved the well-written article “Is History History?” (September 2022) from James H. Sweet, since it seemed to be based on speaking the...

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  • On "Is History History?"

    Allan J. Lichtman | Oct 31, 2022

    To the Editor:Whether intentionally or not, AHA president James H. Sweet’s misguided critique of “pr...
  • On "Is History History?"

    Ken Mondschein | Sep 30, 2022

    To the Editor:I believe AHA president James H. Sweet’s thoughts in “Is History History?” (September ...
  • On "What's Next?"

    Robert Blackey | Aug 31, 2022

    To the Editor:Your recent essays on retirement prompt me to pass along a project I began more than o...
  • On "Forging Ahead"

    Steven Livesey | Aug 31, 2022

    To the Editor:As one who retired in January 2018, I appreciated the May issue’s focus on retired and...
  • On "Forging Ahead"

    Jane M. Rausch | Aug 31, 2022

    To the Editor:As a historian who taught Latin American history from 1968 until my retirement in 2010...

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