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Council Makes Committee Appointments for 2010

Robert B. Townsend | Jan 9, 2010

At its meeting on Wednesday, the AHA Council appointed 55 new committee members, who will serve on 36 prize, grant, and policy committees of the Association. The committee members are the lifeblood of the organization—providing the essential intellectual work that assures the best work in the field is recognized, and particular interests in the discipline are advanced.

Members were appointed to four policy committees (on affiliated societies, minority historians, women, and graduate and early career issues), 28 prize and award committees, and four grant and fellowship selection committees. In addition to the elected leadership of the Association (on the AHA Council, divisions, and Nominating Committee) 159 members currently serve on committees of the Association.

If you are willing to serve on an AHA committee, please contact Assistant Director Noralee Frankel, staff member to the AHA’s Committee on Committees.

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