Graduate Education

  • Reconciling Professional Rifts

    Beth DeBold | Jan 21, 2021

    Historians are rightly quick to note the transferability of a professional historian's skill set, but as with all things, there are limits.
  • Pressing Pause

    Laura Ansley | Dec 14, 2020

    History graduate programs had to make quick decisions this fall about whether to proceed with admitting students in 2021.
  • Reverb Effect

    Daniela Sheinin | Nov 5, 2020

    The University of Michigan's grad students are sharing their research on a new public platform: a podcast.
  • Graduate Worker Organizing

    Alan Parkes | Oct 1, 2020

    The University of Wisconsin-Madison's Teaching Assistant Association established a precedent for graduate worker organizing that remains vibrant 50 years on.
  • Remote Reflections: Twice the Work and Half the Fun

    Walter L. Buenger | Sep 14, 2020

    For faculty teaching online for the first time, spring 2020 could be a frustrating learning experience.
  • Remote Reflections: Being a Graduate Teaching Assistant during the Pandemic

    Victoria Funk | Aug 28, 2020

    Graduate teaching assistants, not quite students and not yet faculty, face unique challenges during COVID-19.
  • The Purpose of a History PhD

    AHA Career Diversity Fellows | Aug 14, 2020

    In the sixth of a six-part series, the Career Diversity fellows reflect on how two years of department-focused work has...
  • Alumni Involvement in Graduate Education

    Leah Burnham, Tyler Krahe, Ramya Swayamprakash, and Matthew Villeneuve | Aug 7, 2020

    In the fifth of a six-part series on Career Diversity, fellows discuss how they have built closer ties to department alumni.
  • Internships for Graduate Students

    Allison Faber, Trishula Patel, and Hope Shannon | Jul 31, 2020

    In the fourth of a six-part series on Career Diversity, fellows discuss how graduate internship programs help students shape their paths through graduate school.
  • Including Pedagogy in Graduate Education

    Andrew Brown, Tim Herbert, Stacey Murrell, and Joseph Stuart | Jul 24, 2020

    In the third of a six-part series on Career Diversity, fellows discuss how integrating pedagogical training into the graduate curriculum...

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