From the Research Division

  • Locked Out

    From the Research Division

    Becky Nicolaides | Aug 6, 2018

    How can historians turn out first-rate scholarship without access to commercial databases or university libraries?
  • Transparency in Recruiting Reviewers for Journal Articles

    AHA Activities, From the Research Division

    AHA Staff | Jan 1, 2014

    The Research Division has become aware that some scholarly journals in history are attaching full copies of articles when initially contacting potenti...
  • Scholarly Journals in the Digital Age: One Editor's Reflections of the Moment

    From the Research Division

    Robert A. Schneider | Jan 1, 2011

    Editor’s Note: This essay, and the one by John Thornton, were commissioned by the AHA’s Research Division to foster a conversation about the general i...
  • Should the AHA Annual Meeting Be Changed?

    AHA Activities, Annual Meeting, From the Research Division

    Roy Rosenzweig | Sep 1, 2004

    AHA members have long complained about the Association's annual meeting. Almost 80 years ago American Historical Review editor J. Franklin Jameson wro...

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