• The Berkeley Pipeline Program


    Jordan Thomas Mursinna | Apr 20, 2023

    Pipeline programs help underprivileged students get the guidance they need to apply for and succeed in PhD programs.
  • What Use Is a Book?


    Carla Gardina Pestana | Apr 19, 2023

    In a digital age, what is the relationship between information and the medium that conveys it?
  • Teaching the History Wars


    Megan Threlkeld | Apr 18, 2023

    In a seminar on the history wars, Megan Threlkeld provides students with a strong foundation for understanding the stakes of...
  • Held


    Lauren MacIvor Thompson | Mar 16, 2023

    Public discussions often fail to acknowledge the nuance of abortion’s history, a fact made painfully clear in last year's US Supreme Court decision.

Most Recent

  • Professional Crafts

    Clay Risen | Mar 15, 2023

    Too many journalists misunderstand the uses of history, and historians bear some responsibility.
  • When Memorials Come Down, Ghosts Remain

    James J. Ward | Feb 21, 2023

    When one historian visited Berlin in 1991, the recent past was already fading from its streets.
  • Phantom Encounters

    Lucy Barnhouse | Feb 16, 2023

    Ghosts provide an excellent comparative lens for a history class.
  • Hope in the Dark

    Scott G. Bruce | Feb 15, 2023

    The ubiquity of the undead as protagonists in modern entertainment media—from novels to movies to vi...
  • AHA23

    Photographs by Marc Monaghan | Jan 25, 2023

    Historians visited the City of Brotherly Love for four days of discussions on a variety of topics.

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