• Embodied Knowledge


    Lauren Mancia | Apr 11, 2024

    What can a third grader teach a historian about her craft?
  • Archival Shouting


    Karin Wulf | Apr 10, 2024

    Some collections of historical sources have been given a microphone, with profound consequences for the practices of history.
  • Teaching LGBTQ+ History


    Anne Gray Fischer | Apr 9, 2024

    As states pass legislation targeting DEI efforts, one historian offers her experience teaching LGBTQ+ history in these challenging times.
  • What about Continuity?


    Averill Earls, Elizabeth Garner Masarik, Sarah Handley-Cousins, and Marissa C. Rhodes | Mar 13, 2024

    Since 2007, many have been using the five Cs framework in their teaching. Is it time to add a sixth?

Most Recent

  • Intersecting Lines

    Celso Thomas Castilho and Sara Kozameh | Feb 20, 2024

    An increasing number of job ads for modern Latin American history now also ask for expertise in Latino/x history. Why?
  • Capturing AHA24

    Photographs by Marc Monaghan, L. Renato Grigoli, Lizzy Meggyesy, and Rebecca L. West | Feb 7, 2024

    The annual meeting is always an experience. Check out some photos from the conference in San Francisco!
  • AHA24

    Photographs by Marc Monaghan (unless otherwise noted) | Feb 6, 2024

    Nearly 3,000 historians visited the Bay Area for four days of discussions and connections.
  • Erasing the Past

    Hamaad Habibullah | Jan 23, 2024

    Textbook “rationalization” has become the primary means of erasing Muslims from India’s history.
  • You Must Learn

    Austin McCoy | Jan 22, 2024

    Using sources including rap lyrics, albums, and music videos and visual art like graffiti, one historian pushes his students to think historically about hip-hop culture.

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