• Medicalized Enslavement, Disability, and Southeast Asian Art

    Mark Philip Bradley | Dec 15, 2023

    Get a peek inside the latest issue of the AHR.
  • On the Renaissance

    Edward Muir | Dec 4, 2023

    Why does a medieval cultural moment still fascinate us?
  • Incomplete Paperwork

    L. Renato Grigoli | Nov 30, 2023

    In early 14th-century France, one town was built upon a modern foundation: the blank form.
  • Francis A. Dutra (1938–2021)

    Sarah Cline | Nov 1, 2023

    Francis A. Dutra, a historian of early modern Portugal and Brazil at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), died in March 2021.
  • Laurie M. Wood (1985–2023)

    Julie Hardwick and Meghan Roberts | Nov 1, 2023

    Laurie M. Wood, a historian of early modern France at Florida State University, died in 2023.
  • Katherine Fischer Drew (1923–2023)

    Peter C. Caldwell | Oct 2, 2023

    Katherine Fischer Drew, the Lynette S. Autrey Professor Emerita of History at Rice University, passed away on March 19, 2023,...
  • Augustus Leon (Lee) Beier IV (1941–2023)

    Alan Lessoff and Michael Moore | Oct 2, 2023

    Augustus Leon (Lee) Beier IV, a key figure in British social history, died after a long illness on February 25, 2023, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Janelle Greenberg (1938–2023)

    George Reid Andrews | Oct 2, 2023

    Janelle Greenberg, professor emerita of British history at the University of Pittsburgh, passed away on June 6, 2023.
  • Teaching and Pedagogy

    Mark Philip Bradley | Sep 18, 2023

    The AHR looks at pedagogy, Indigenous histories, revolution, the Cold War, the role of AI in historical practice, and more.
  • Posset Goes Viral (Again)

    KC Hysmith | Sep 15, 2023

    Lemon posset has been all the rage this summer on social media—only the latest instance of the dessert’s periodic popularity.

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