American Historical Review

  • Slowing It Down

    Alex Lichtenstein | Feb 24, 2021

    The March issue of the AHR features the AHA presidential address, five full-length articles, two History Unclassified essays, reviews of video games...
  • Black Internationalism, Plagues, and Toxicity

    Alex Lichtenstein | Nov 12, 2020

    The December issue of the AHR features a pair of articles on pandemic history, a History Unclassified essay on illness...
  • Sleep, Food, and Sex

    Alex Lichtenstein | Sep 28, 2020

    The October issue of the AHR features four research articles, a lively AHR Exchange, a roundtable review of a new...
  • Haitian Legacies

    Alex Lichtenstein | May 20, 2020

    This year marks the bicentennial of the Haitian Republic. The latest issue of the AHR includes both a Forum and...
  • Age as a Category of Historical Analysis

    Alex Lichtenstein | Apr 10, 2020

    The April issue of the AHR includes a roundtable on global conceptions of age, an article on the Panama Canal...
  • Offshoring Migration Policy

    Alex Lichtenstein | Feb 18, 2020

    The latest issue of the American Historical Review features articles on immigration, environmental, and architectural history.
  • Digitizing Migrant Networks

    Alex Lichtenstein | Dec 11, 2019

    The final AHR issue of 2019 features scholarship on Irish famine migrants, museum studies, and the Chinese-Korean border.
  • Going Nuclear

    Alex Lichtenstein | Oct 25, 2019

    The latest issue of the AHR features scholarship on nuclear warfare-and nuclear families.
  • Why Ruling Classes Fail

    Alex Lichtenstein | May 8, 2019

    The issue includes an “AHR Exchange” on the ruling elite, three research articles, and contributions to the new “History Unclassified” section.
  • Dealing with a Fragile Past

    Alex Lichtenstein | Apr 10, 2019

    Two essays consider the problem of losing the past, either through accidental destruction or through censorship.

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