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  • Awards, Prizes, and Honors Conferred at the 1987 Annual Meeting

    February 1, 1988

    At the annual meeting in Washington, DC last December, Angie Debo, John W. Hall, and Benjamin Quarles were the recipients of the AHA’s Awards for Scholarly Distinction. Following are the citations rea...

  • Salaries Still on the Rise

    February 1, 1988

    Salary Update: According to reports from the College and University Personnel Association (CUPA) and the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), salaries for college and university facul...

  • Remarks at Swearing in Ceremony of the New Archivist of the United States, December 4, 1987

    February 1, 1988

    President Reagan, distinguished guests and colleagues. First, let me say I am both excited and very honored to assume the office of Archivist of the United States. I thank each and every one of you fo...

  • NCC News, February 1988

    February 1, 1988

    Omnibus Spending Bill Establishes FY’88 Budgets: At the end of December, Congress passed and the President signed legislation establishing funding levels for the federal agencies for FY’88. Considerin...

  • Problems in Recruiting and Retaining Minority Graduate Students

    February 1, 1988

    A number of recent reports have dramatically documented the decline in the number of minority undergraduate and graduate students in colleges and universities. Concommitantly we are witnessing a marke...

  • Report of the AHA Committee on Women Historians, 1987

    February 1, 1988

    Since its establishment in 1970, the Committee on Women Historians (CWH) has worked diligently within the AHA to make the presence of women scholars felt and their concerns recognized. The CWH has als...

  • News Briefs, February 1988

    February 1, 1988

    Solicitation of Entries for the 1988 EDUCOM/NCRIPTAL Higher Education Software Awards Program Awards and recognition will be presented for outstanding software developed for undergraduate liberal arts...

  • Council Meets to Decide Policy Issues

    February 1, 1988

    The Council of the Association held its customary double meetings at the beginning and end of the AHA annual meeting in Washington. The meetings dealt with a number of large issues as well as routine ...

  • Demystifying Historical Authority: Critical Textual Analysis in the Classroom

    February 1, 1988

    Although historians urge the close, critical reading of documents in their own work and in the classroom, they rarely treat the textbooks, paperbacks, and articles they assign and review in the classr...

  • The FBI Files: A Challenge for Historians (1980)

    March 1, 1980

    From the March 1980 issue of the AHA Newsletter