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  • Approaches to Teaching Israel–Palestine

    AHA Online, Perspectives Daily

    Laura Ansley | Dec 12, 2023

    A webinar brought together a panel of historians to discuss strategies and recommend readings and films for teaching the history of Israel–Palestine.
  • African American History and State Standards in Florida and Beyond

    AHA Online, Perspectives Daily

    Laura Ansley | Aug 29, 2023

    A webinar brought together historians engaged in advocating for inclusion of African American history in K–12 education to discuss the current landscape.
  • Is Global Democracy in Crisis?

    AHA Online, Perspectives Daily

    Lizzy Meggyesy | Aug 9, 2023

    A panel of historians discussed democracy around the globe and the growing popularity of authoritarian regimes in historical context.
  • Presidential Records Act

    AHA Online, Perspectives Daily

    Laura Ansley | Apr 6, 2023

    With the collection and preservation of presidential records in the news, a panel of historians and archivists discussed how and...

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  • Don’t Say Gay, Stop WOKE, Banned Books, and Anti-Trans Laws

    Laura Ansley | Feb 10, 2023

    A webinar on current controversies regarding history education and related issues featured the challenges facing teachers at all education levels.
  • Abortion, Choice, and the Supreme Court

    Laura Ansley | Jul 8, 2022

    A webinar on the Dobbs decision brought together historians and legal scholars to discuss why history is central to this jurisprudence and its implications.
  • Equity and Advocacy

    Vanessa Madrigal-Lauchland | May 18, 2022

    HGSAs can be an opportunity for graduate students to advocate for themselves, as students discussed at a recent AHA workshop.
  • The Future Is Now

    Justin Hawkins | Apr 21, 2022

    At AHA22, panels on video games and podcasts pushed attendees to think more broadly about sources and definitions of scholarship.
  • Teaching Historiography in the K–12 Classroom

    Emily Swafford | Mar 24, 2022

    A series of three sessions at AHA22 highlighted ways to bring historiographic thinking into the classroom.

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