AHA Annual Meeting

  • On to San Francisco

    Debbie Ann Doyle | Sep 12, 2023

    The 137th annual meeting of the American Historical Association will be held Thursday through Sunday, January 4–7, 2024, in San Francisco.
  • Photographing the AHA Annual Meeting

    Lizzy Meggyesy | Mar 6, 2023

    A conversation with the photographer who has covered the AHA annual meeting since 2012.
  • AHA23

    Photographs by Marc Monaghan | Jan 25, 2023

    Historians visited the City of Brotherly Love for four days of discussions on a variety of topics.
  • AHA Slogan Contest Winner

    AHA Staff | Jan 20, 2023

    AHA staff is excited to announce the winner of the AHA Slogan Contest. Members and other historians ...
  • Announcing the AHA23 Slogan Contest Finalists

    AHA Staff | Dec 19, 2022

    At AHA23, help us pick the best slogan for AHA merch.
  • Supporting Educators

    Alexandra F. Levy | Dec 15, 2022

    How does one teach history with integrity in today’s charged atmosphere? Attend these AHA23 sessions on this question and more.
  • Bring the Family!

    Carin Berkowitz | Dec 5, 2022

    Philadelphia is a wonderful city to explore with children. Whether your children are elementary age ...
  • AHA23 Slogan Contest

    AHA Staff | Dec 2, 2022

    Have a funny slogan about history that you’d love to see on a piece of merch? The AHA will soon be l...
  • Africa's Deep History Goes to Philadelphia

    Akin Ogundiran | Dec 1, 2022

    Do you want to update your syllabus on early African history? Are you interested in learning about n...
  • Awards, Prizes, and Honors to Be Conferred at the 136th Annual Meeting

    Rebecca L. West | Nov 22, 2022

    Join us in Philadelphia to honor the 2022 AHA prizewinners.

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