African American History

  • Carey H. Latimore IV (1975–2022)

    In Memoriam

    Lauren Turek and Anene Ejikeme | Nov 1, 2023

    On July 26, 2022, Carey Harvey Latimore IV passed away in San Antonio, Texas.
  • The Ross House Slave Quarters

    Everything Has a History

    Gabrielle McCoy | Oct 26, 2023

    Notley Brown and Suck were two of the people enslaved at Ross House in Frederick, Maryland, the site of the...
  • Anna Julia Cooper (1858–1964)

    In Memoriam, Long Overdue

    Shirley Moody-Turner | Oct 25, 2023

    This Long Overdue tribute honors historian Anna Julia Cooper, who died in 1964.
  • AHA Member Spotlight: Nichole Nelson

    Perspectives Daily

    AHA Staff | Oct 20, 2023

    Nichole Nelson is a senior policy advisor at the National Community Reinvestment Coalition. She lives in Washington, DC, and has been a member since 2013.

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