2023 Annual Meeting

  • Awards, Prizes, and Honors to Be Conferred at the 136th Annual Meeting

    AHA Activities, Annual Meeting

    Rebecca L. West | Nov 22, 2022

    Join us in Philadelphia to honor the 2022 AHA prizewinners.
  • Locked Up

    Annual Meeting, Perspectives Daily

    Leland Renato Grigoli | Nov 18, 2022

    #AHA23 features several sessions on incarceration and criminal justice.
  • Out on Campus

    Annual Meeting

    Marc Stein | Nov 16, 2022

    A recent exhibit on Pennsylvania colleges and universities will be available for viewing at AHA23.
  • Townhouse Notes

    From the Editor

    Leland Renato Grigoli | Nov 8, 2022

    The monsters under your bed are newer—and older—than you might think.

Most Recent

  • Beyond the Liberty Bell

    Laura Ansley | Nov 3, 2022

    At #AHA23, learn about the host city, Philadelphia.
  • Abstract of the Presidential Address at the 2023 Annual Meeting

    James H. Sweet | Oct 6, 2022

    The presidential address will take place on Friday, January 6, 2023, at the 2023 AHA annual meeting.
  • Land Acknowledgments

    Elizabeth Ellis and Rose Stremlau | Oct 5, 2022

    Treating the practice of land acknowledgment seriously requires more than just getting the names right.
  • Bodies of Knowledge

    Samuel J. Redman | Sep 15, 2022

    Museums that hold collections of human remains from the past face ethical questions today.
  • On to Philadelphia

    Debbie Ann Doyle | Aug 26, 2022

    The 136th annual meeting of the American Historical Association will be held Thursday through Sunday, January 5–8, 2023, in Philadelphia.