2019 Annual Meeting

  • Digital Dissertations and the Changing Nature of Doctoral Work

    Perspectives Daily

    Celeste Tường Vy Sharpe | Apr 23, 2019

    “Incorporating digital methods, presentation, and tools in an individual sustained research project is still largely uncharted territory. . .”
  • One Is a Lonely Demographic

    Perspectives Daily

    Laurie Arnold | Mar 26, 2019

    An AHA19 panel discussed the unique professional demands faced by faculty of color.
  • White Lies


    Elizabeth Poorman | Mar 11, 2019

    The claims, scholars say, muddle the distinctions between ancestry and citizenship.
  • Redefining Success

    Perspectives Daily

    Matt Villeneuve | Feb 20, 2019

    Career diversity is not about seeking alternatives to the professoriate; it’s about helping students find success in diverse careers.

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