September 2010

Volume 48, Number 6
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Editor: Pillarisetti Sudhir
Associate Editor: David Darlington

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2012 Annual Meeting

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 September 2010

The painting on the cover of the print edition is titled Boston by Albert Goodwin (1845–1932) / © Guildhall Art Gallery, City of London / The Bridgeman Art Library International.

* As many keen-eyed readers have pointed out, the image on the cover of the September issue is not a view of Boston, Massachusetts, but of Boston in Lincolnshire, England. We cannot, alas, pretend that it was a deliberate visual pun. It was an error, even if it was a happy one that incidentally and serendipitously recalls the English town whose name, in fact, was given to the Massachusetts city where the AHA will be meeting in January 2011. Please note that the name of the artist, Albert Goodwin was also misspelled in the print edition. We regret the errors.