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Bureau of the Census Seeks Nominations for Census Advisory Committee

AHA Staff | Sep 23, 2009

The Bureau of the Census in the Department of Commerce is seeking ten nominations for organizations willing to participate on the 2010 Census Advisory Committee (2010 CAC).

The 30 member committee is comprised of organizations that “represent data users, general governmental entities, technology-based organizations, and entities with expertise in the statutory and constitutional uses of census data, including redistricting.” According to the Bureau’s request for nominations, the committee considers the needs of the decennial census from the perspective of outside data users and other organizations having a substantial interest and expertise in the conduct and outcome of the decennial. The Committee will provide advice on how best the Census Bureau can effectively and efficiently accomplish its decennial goals and objectives. The 2010 CAC addresses policy, research, and technical issues related to the design and implementation of the 2010 decennial census, including the American Community Survey.

Nominations are due by October 9, 2009 to Jeri Green, Chief, Census Advisory Committee Office. They can be mailed  to U.S. Census Bureau, Room 8H156, Suitland Federal Center, 4700 Silver Hill Road, Washington, DC 20233; faxed (301–763–8609); or e-mailed to jeri.green@census.gov.

Additional information on the request can be found in the Federal Register.

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