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Distinguishing Scholarship from Denial

Michael Griffith | Sep 1, 1994

As president of the Institute for Historical Study, an AHA-affiliated organization, I am writing to make clear the strong differences between our organization and the unfortunately named Institute for Historical Review, which falsely represented itself as affiliated with the AHA and made appearances at the last AHA meeting in San Francisco.

Chartered by the state of California in 1980 and based in the San Francisco Bay area, the Institute for Historical Study is a group of independent scholars committed to the research, writing, and discussion of history. Among our activities, our organization holds regularly scheduled meetings at which members present and engage in critical discussion of their ongoing research projects.

We have absolutely no connection with the Institute for Historical Review, and we deplore in the strongest terms their attempts to deny the historical reality of the Holocaust. Their efforts are in fundamental conflict with the goal of rigorous historical research which we seek to encourage.

Michael Griffith, President
Institute for Historical Study

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