National Humanities Alliance Asks Grant Recipients to Write Members of Congress

AHA Staff | Oct 1, 1994

The National Humanities Alliance (NHA), of which the American Historical Association is a member, regularly provides testimony supporting the reauthorization and funding of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). Inevitably members of Congress ask NHA representatives how the NEH serves the country and their states and districts; some members of Congress also ask what purposes the humanities serve. The NHA board therefore urges that recipients of NEH grants write brief letters to their senators and representatives, both when they learn of their awards and when they submit final reports to the NEH about what their projects accomplished. Not only will these courtesy letters remind members of Congress that voters in their states and districts benefit from NEH funding, they will also describe some of the kinds of work humanists do. Hearing from constituents throughout the year about what NEH funding has helped them to accomplish as teachers and scholars is likely to encourage congressional support for the NEH.

Tags: Advocacy


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