May 1997

Volume 35, Number 5
Contents of the online edition

Acting Editor: Robert B. Townsend
Associate Editor: Pillarisetti Sudhir

From the Director's Desk


  • History Journals in the Twenty-First Century
    by Michael Grossberg
  • Documentary Editions Endangered
  • From Prospects to Pay Dirt
    by Carolyn T. Brown
  • Forging New Ties to Labor: Reformulating the Academic-Labor Coalition
    by Vernon Horn
  • Max Planck Institute Saved

Teaching Innovations

Contributing Editor: Robert Blackey

Professional Issues

Contributing Editor: Gail Savage

  • Where the Jobs Are: Survey of Job Listings in the Chronicle
    by Oliver B. Pollak and Valerie L. Garver


AHA Activities

  • 1997 Committee Structure: Additional Appointments

Letters to the Editor

  • James E. David
  • Robert Shaffer
  • A. Bryan Siebert


  • May 1997

Affiliated Societies

  • The Voice of History in Popular Culture
    by Richard Gid Powers
  • The Voice of Popular Culture in History
    by Ray B. Browne

NCC Advocacy Update

  • May 1997
    by Page Putnam Miller