January 1996

Volume 34, Number 1
Contents of the online edition

Editor: Wendi A. Maloney

From the Director's Desk


  • The H-Net Teaching Resources Archive
    by Sara Tucker and Mark Kornbluh
  • Istook Defeated ... at Least for Now
    by John Hammer and Cuc Vu
  • National History Education Network Update
    by Christine Compston

Computers and Software

Contributing Editor: Janice Reiff

Annual Meeting

  • Final Call for Papers for 1997 AHA Annual Meeting

AHA Activities

  • The AHA Home Page and Beyond
  • Perspectives Welcomes Contributing Editor for Film and Media
  • Report of the 1995 Nominating Committee
    by James Grossman
  • Annual Report of the Vice President of the AHA Teaching Division
    by Peter Stearns
  • Annual Report of the Vice President of the AHA Research Division
    by William G. Rosenberg
  • Association Expresses Appreciation for David Ransel

NCC Advocacy Update

  • NCC Advocacy Update
    by Page Putnam Miller