AHA Activities

Council Decisions, January 3 and 6, 2013

Robert B. Townsend, February 2013

At the semi-annual meeting of the Council of the American Historical Association held Thursday and Sunday of the AHA annual meeting, the governing board made the following decisions:

  • Approved a slate of nominations from the Committee on Committees, which includes appointments to the various prize and other committees.

  • Approved an application for affiliation from the Society of Civil War Historians.

  • Asked the incoming president to appoint an ad hoc committee to develop recommendations on ways the AHA can and should address the educational implications of the growing use of adjunct and part-time faculty.

  • Approved the report of the executive director.

  • Approved the annual audit for the 2011–12 fiscal year.

  • Adopted a mission statement for the new investment subcommittee of the AHA's Finance Committee.

  • Approved a six-month extension for the LGBTQ Historians Task Force to complete its work.

Robert B. Townsend is the AHA's deputy director.