April 1996

Volume 34, Number 4
Contents of the online edition

Editor: Wendi A. Maloney

From the President's Desk


  • Developments in the Teaching of U.S. Women's History
    by Eileen Boris
  • Talking Teaching at the University of Georgia
    by Tom Ganschow and John Inscoe
  • Departments of History and Secondary Teacher Education
    by John W. Larner

Teaching Innovations

Contributing Editor: Robert Blackey

  • Every Man Should Do It! Teaching Women's History
    by Joel T. Rosenthal

Professional Issues

Contributing Editor: David Katzman

  • The Future of European History
    by John K. Gillis
  • Survey Finds More Ph.D.'s, Less Success in Job Market
    by Robert B. Townsend
  • NRC Study Offers Wealth of Data on Ph.D. Programs
    by Robert B. Townsend

Film and Media

Contributing Editor: Robert Brent Toplin

Public History

Contributing Editors: John David Smith and William F. Willingham

  • War's Unexpected Cost: Public Historians and Environmental Research
    by James H. Lide

AHA Activities

Letters to the Editor

  • James J. Ward
  • Bruce Mazlish
  • Dale H. Porter
  • Jerry H. Bentley
  • John V. H. Dippel
  • John Gillis
  • William W. Hagen
  • Caroline Walker Bynum
  • Anne G. Ritchie
  • Jeff Moran

In Memoriam

NCC Advocacy Update

  • April 1996
    by Page Putnam Miller