Publication Date

January 1, 1990

Perspectives Section

AHA Activities

The AHA’s Research Division recently announced awards made to support research in the history of Europe, Africa, and Asia. Funds for the grant program come from the earnings of a bequest from Bernadotte E. Schmitt, president of the Association in 1960. Awarded annually in the fall, grants are intended to further research in progress and are used to fund travel to a library or archive, for microfilms, photographs, or xeroxing, etc. In only the second year of availability, the program garnered 66 applications.

Grants were awarded to the following AHA members:

Beth Baron, assistant professor, City College, City University of New York, “Prostitution in a Mediterranean Society: Public Morality and the Egyptian State.”

Constance Berman, assistant professor, University of Iowa, “Endowment and Administration of Cistercian Houses for Women, 1190-1350 A.D.”

Dina M. Copelman, assistant professor, George Mason University, “Gender, Class, and Feminism: London Women Teachers, 1870-1930.”

Thomas F. Head, visiting assistant professor, Pomona College, “The Public Voice of Women in the Medieval Church.”

Roger D. Long, assistant professor, Eastern Michigan University, “Liaquat Ali Khan: All-India Muslim League Politician and First Prime Minister of Pakistan.”

Deborah L. Pearl, assistant professor, Cleveland State University, “Russian Revolutionary Propaganda Literature and its Impact on Urban Workers in the late Nineteenth Century.”

Matthew Ramsey, associate professor, Vanderbilt University, “The Development of Professional Monopoly in French Medicine, 1770-1830.”

Jonathan Rose, assistant professor, Drew University, “The Working-Class Response to Elementary Schooling: Britain, 1880-1830.”

Eric D. Weitz, assistant professor, St. Olaf College, “Popular Communism: National Traditionsand Political Strategies in the Formation of the German, French and Italian Communist Parties, 1919-46.”

The deadline for the next competition will be September 15, 1990. To be placed on the Schmitt mailing list to receive updated application forms when available, please write to the Executive Assistant, AHA, 400 A Street SE, Washington, DC 20003.