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January 4, 2013

The following is a list of the recipients of the various awards, prizes, and honors that will be presented at the General Meeting of the American Historical Association on Friday, January 4, 2013, in La Galerie of the New Orleans Marriott. The full citations of the prize and award committees will be printed in the booklet distributed at the General Meeting, as well as in the February 2013 issue of Perspectives on History.

The Theodore Roosevelt-Woodrow Wilson Award

Richard Gilder, New York, NY

Awards for Scholarly Distinction

Alfred Crosby (Univ. of Texas at Austin); Sheila Fitzpatrick (Univ. of Chicago and Univ. of Sydney); Donald Worster (Univ. of Kansas)

Eugene Asher Award for Distinguished Post-Secondary Teaching

Nicholas J. Aieta (Westfield State University)

Beveridge Family Teaching Award for K-12 Teaching

Sol Joye and Malynda Wenzl (Neil Armstrong Middle School, Forest Grove, Oregon)

Raymond J. Cunningham Prize

T. Fielder Valone (currently doctoral student, Indiana Univ.; A.B. Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, May 2011), “Destroying the Ties that Bind: Rituals of Humiliation and the Holocaust in Provincial Lithuania,” in traces: The UNC-Chapel Hill Journal of History, vol. 1 (spring 2012): 90ñ114. W. Miles Fletcher, faculty adviser (Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Equity Awards

Individual: Herman Bennett, Graduate Center, City Univ. of New York
Institutional: W.E.B. DuBois Department of Afro-American Studies, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Herbert Feis Award

Richard Rabinowitz, founding president, American History Workshop

William Gilbert Award

Avishag Reisman, “The Document Based Lesson,” Journal of Curriculum Studies 44:2, (April 2012), 233-64

John E. O’Connor Film Award

The Loving Story, Nancy Buirski, director; Nancy Buirski and Elisabeth Haviland James, producers; Icarus Films

Nancy Lyman Roelker Mentorship Award

Peter S. Onuf (Univ. of Virginia)

Roy Rosenzweig Prize for Innovation in Digital History

The Clarence Darrow Digital Collection, University of Minnesota Law Library

Honorary Foreign Member

Carlo Ginzburg (UCLA/Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa)

Book Prizes

Herbert Baxter Adams Prize

E. Natalie Rothman (Univ. of Toronto, Scarborough), Brokering Empire: Trans-Imperial Subjects between Venice and Istanbul (Cornell Univ. Press)

George Louis Beer Prize

Tara Zahra (Univ. of Chicago), The Lost Children: Reconstructing Europe’s Families after World War II (Harvard Univ. Press)

Albert J. Beveridge Award

Rebecca J. Scott (Univ. of Michigan) and Jean-Michel Hébrard (Univ. of Michigan), Freedom Papers: An Atlantic Odyssey in the Age of Emancipation (Harvard Univ. Press)

Paul Birdsall Prize

Edith Sheffer (Stanford Univ.), Burned Bridge: How East and West Germans Made the Iron Curtain (Oxford Univ. Press)

James Henry Breasted Prize

Kyle Harper (Univ. of Oklahoma), Slavery in the Late Roman World, AD 275-425 (Cambridge Univ. Press)

John K. Fairbank Prize in East Asian History

Jun Uchida (Stanford Univ.), Brokers of Empire: Japanese Settler Colonialism in Korea, 1876-1945 (Harvard Univ. Press)

Morris D. Forkosch Prize

Geoffrey G. Field (Purchase Coll., SUNY), Blood, Sweat, and Toil: Remaking the British Working Class, 1939-1945 (Oxford Univ. Press)

Leo Gershoy Award

Ethan H. Shagan (Univ. of California, Berkeley), The Rule of Moderation: Violence, Religion and the Politics of Restraint in Early Modern England (Cambridge Univ. Press)

Joan Kelly Memorial Prize in Women’s History

Gail Hershatter (Univ. of California, Santa Cruz), Gender of Memory: Rural Women in China’s Collective Past (Univ. of California Press) and Ruth Mazo Karras, Univ. of Minnesota, Unmarriages: Women, Men, and Sexual Unions in the Middle Ages (Univ. of Pennsylvania Press)

Martin A. Klein Prize in African History

Bruce S. Hall (Duke Univ.), A History of Race in Muslim West Africa, 1600-1960 (Cambridge Univ. Press) and Gabrielle Hecht (Univ. of Michigan), Being Nuclear: Africans and the Global Uranium Trade (MIT Press)

Littleton-Griswold Prize

Serena Mayeri (Univ. of Pennsylvania Law School), Reasoning from Race: Feminism, Law, and the Civil Rights Revolution (Harvard Univ. Press)

J. Russell Major Prize

Malick W. Ghachem (Univ. of Maine School of Law), The Old Regime and the Haitian Revolution (Cambridge Univ. Press)

Helen & Howard R. Marraro Prize

E. Natalie Rothman (Univ. of Toronto, Scarborough),Brokering Empire: Trans-Imperial Subjects between Venice and Istanbul (Cornell Univ. Press)

George L. Mosse Prize

Sophus A. Reinert (Harvard Univ. Business School), Translating Empire: Emulation and the Origins of Political Economy (Harvard Univ. Press)

Premio del Rey

Marie A. Kelleher (California State Univ., Long Beach), The Measure of Woman: Law and Female Identity in the Crown of Aragon (Univ. of Pennsylvania Press)

James A. Rawley Prize in Atlantic History

Rebecca J. Scott (Univ. of Michigan), and Jean-Michel Hébrard (Univ. of Michigan), Freedom Papers: An Atlantic Odyssey in the Age of Emancipation (Harvard Univ. Press)

John F. Richards Prize

Douglas E. Haynes (Dartmouth Coll.), Small Town Capitalism in Western India: Artisans, Merchants and the Making of the Informal Economy, 1870-1960 (Cambridge Univ. Press)

James Harvey Robinson Prize

Reading Like a Historian: Teaching Literacy in Middle and High School History Classrooms (Teachers College Press); authorsSam Wineburg (Stanford Univ.),Daisy Martin (Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity), and Chauncey Monte-Sano (Univ. of Michigan)

Wesley-Logan Prize

Erik S. McDuffie (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Sojourning for Freedom: Black Women, American Communism, and the Making of Black Left Feminism (Duke Univ. Press)

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