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November 1, 2010

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The following is a list of the recipients of the various awards, prizes, and honors that will be presented at the General Meeting of the American Historical Association on Friday, January 7, 2011, in Ballroom C of the Hynes Convention Center. The full citations of the prize and award committees will be printed in the booklet distributed at the General Meeting, as well as in a future issue of Perspectives on History.

Awards for Scholarly Distinction

  • Susan Naquin, Princeton Univ.

  • Peter Stansky, Stanford Univ.

Troyer Steele Anderson Prize

  • Arnita A. Jones, executive director emerita, American Historical Association

Eugene Asher Distinguished Teaching Award

  • Peter H. Wood, Duke Univ.

Beveridge Family Teaching Prize

  • Maine East High School, Park Ridge, Illinois

Raymond J. Cunningham Prize

  • Hailey Giczy, 2009 graduate Chapman Univ., “The Bum Blockade: Los Angeles and the Great Depression,” Voces Novae: Chapman University Historical Review, No. 1 (2009): 97–121

Equity Awards

  • Institutional Award: Dept. of History, Baruch Coll., CUNY

  • Individual Award: George Sanchez, Univ. of Southern California

Herbert Feis Award

  • Heather Huyck, Coll. of William and Mary

John E. O’Connor Film Award

  • The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers, produced and directed by Judith Ehrlich and Rick Goldsmith

Nancy Lyman Roelker Mentorship Award

  • Christopher D. Lee, Zephryhills High School, Wesley Chapel, Florida

Roy Rosenzweig Prize for Innovation in Digital History

  • Going to the Show, Scholarly Advisor: Robert C. Allen, Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Principal Investigator: Natasha Smith; Project Managers: Elise Moore (2008–09) and Adrienne MacKay (2007–08)

Honorary Foreign Member

  • Takeshi Hamashita, director, Institute of Oriental Culture, Univ. of Tokyo

Book Prizes

Herbert Baxter Adams Prize

  • Karl Appuhn, NYU,A Forest on the Sea: Environmental Expertise in Renaissance Venice (Johns Hopkins Univ. Press)

George Louis Beer Prize

  • Holly Case, Cornell Univ.,Between States: The Transylvanian Question and the European Idea during World War II (Stanford Univ. Press)

Albert J. Beveridge Award

  • J. R. McNeill, Georgetown Univ.,Mosquito Empires: Ecology and War in the Greater Caribbean, 1620–1914 (Cambridge Univ. Press)

Paul Birdsall Prize

  • Jonathan Reed Winkler, Wright State Univ., Nexus: Strategic Communications and American Security in World War I (Harvard Univ. Press)

James Henry Breasted Prize

  • Matthew P. Canepa, Univ. of Minnesota,The Two Eyes of the Earth: Art and Ritual of Kingship between Rome and Sasanian Iran (Univ. of California Press)

Albert B. Corey Prize

  • David L. Preston, The Citadel,The Texture of Contact: European and Indian Settler Communities on the Frontiers of Iroquoia, 1667–1783 (Univ. of Nebraska Press)

John E. Fagg Prize

  • Maria M. Portuondo, Johns Hopkins Univ.,Secret Science: Spanish Cosmography and the New World (Univ. of Chicago Press)

John K Fairbank Prize in East Asian History

  • James C. Scott, Yale Univ.,The Art of Not Being Governed: An Anarchist History of Upland Southeast Asia (Yale Univ. Press)

Morris D. Forkosch Prize

  • Steve Pincus, Yale Univ.,1688: The First Modern Revolution (Yale Univ. Press)

Leo Gershoy Award

  • Francesca Trivellato, Yale Univ.,The Familiarity of Strangers: The Sephardic Diaspora, Livorno, and Cross-Cultural Trade in the Early Modern Period (Yale Univ. Press)

Joan Kelly Memorial Prize in Women’s History

  • Susan E. Klepp, Temple Univ., Revolutionary Conceptions: Women, Fertility, and Family Limitation in America, 1760–1820 (Univ. of North Carolina Press for the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture)*

Martin A. Klein Prize in African History**

  • Ghislaine Lydon (UCLA),On Trans-Saharan Trails: Islamic Law, Trade Networks, and Cross-Cultural Exchange in Nineteenth-Century Western Africa (Cambridge Univ. Press)

Littleton-Griswold Prize

  • Catherine L. Fisk, Univ. of California at Irvine, Working Knowledge: Employee Innovation and the Rise of Corporate Intellectual Property, 1800–1930 (Univ. of North Carolina Press)

  • Lisa Ford, Univ. of New South Wales, Settler Sovereignty: Jurisdiction and Indigenous People in America and Australia, 1788–1836 (Harvard Univ. Press)

J. Russell Major Prize

  • Stuart Carroll, Univ. of York,Martyrs and Murderers: The Guise Family and the Making of Europe (Oxford Univ. Press)

Helen and Howard R. Marraro Prize

  • Stanislao G. Pugliese, Hofstra Univ.,Bitter Spring: A Life of Ignazio Silone (Farrar, Straus and Giroux)

George L. Mosse Prize

  • Suzanne L. Marchand, Louisiana State Univ., German Orientalism in the Age of Empire (Cambridge Univ. Press)

Premio del Rey

  • Debra Blumenthal, Univ. of California at Santa Barbara,Enemies and Familiars: Slavery and Mastery in Fifteenth-Century Valencia (Cornell Univ. Press)

James A. Rawley Prize in Atlantic History

  • Michael J. Jarvis, Univ. of Rochester,In the Eye of All Trade: Bermuda, Bermudians, and the Maritime Atlantic World, 1680–1683 (Univ. of North Carolina Press for the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture)

James Harvey Robinson Prize

  • German History in Documents and Images, German Historical Institute, Washington, D.C.

Wesley-Logan Prize

  • Pier M. Larson, Johns Hopkins Univ.,Ocean of Letters: Language and Creolization in an Indian Ocean Diaspora (Cambridge Univ. Press)

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