Publication Date

January 1, 1990

Perspectives Section


Editor’s note: Due to space constraints, the Members column of Perspectivesis limited to carrying news of AHA members only. Members of the Association are encouraged to send in news of themselves and others to the editor for inclusion in upcoming Members columns. Send your information to: Editor, Perspectives, American Historical Association, 400 A St., SE, Washington, DC 20003.

John T. Alexander, professor of history, University of Kansas, will receive the Byron Caldwell Smith Award for his work Catherine the Great: Life and Legend.

Bernard Bailyn, professor of history, Harvard University, and former AHA president was awarded the newly instituted Society of the Cincinnati Prize a triennnial award of $5,000 for his book Voyagers to the West.

The Ohio Humanities Council has announced the retirement of the Council’s Executive Director Charles C. Cole. Dr. Cole will assume the title of Executive Director Emeritus.

Carol Gluck, George Sansom Professor of History, Columbia University has been awarded a Great Teacher Award from Columbia University.

Richard L. Greaves was named Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor of History and Courtesy Professor of Religion at Florida State University, Tallahassee.

Kathryn Allamong Jacob, formerly of the Senate Historical Office has accepted the position as chief archivist of the ACC Italy Project, National Archives.

The Spanish Ministry of Culture awarded one of two “Spain and America in the Quincentennial of the Discovery” manuscript prizes toJames A. Lewis, professor of history, Western Carolina University for his work, “The Final Campaign: Rise and Fall of the Spanish Bahamas, 1782-1783”.

Diana E. Long, formerly director of the Francis Clark Wood Institute for the History of Medicine has taken the position as director of Women’s Studies, University of Southern Maine and Nancy J. Tomes, associate professor of history, SUNY-Stony Brook has been named acting director of the Wood Institute.

Robert A. Nye, professor of history, University of Oklahoma has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship for 1989-90 and will be a senior fellow at the Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis.

Steven Riess of Northeastern Illinois University has won the University of Texas’ 1989 Webb-Smith Essay Contest for his work, “Professional Sports as an Avenue of Social Mobility in America: Some Myths and Realities”.

The Wiener Library of London has awarded its 1989 Fraenkel Prize in Contemporary History to Margaret F. Stieg, University of Alabama for her research on public libraries in Nazi Germany.


The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation 1989 Fellowships

Jean-Christophe Agnew, assoc. prof. American stud./history, Yale University

Roger S. Bagnall, prof. classics/history, Columbia University

Judith M. Bennett, assoc. prof. history, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

William H. Chafe, prof. history, Duke University

Stanley Chojnacki, prof. history, Michigan State University

Marcia L. Colish, prof. history, Oberlin College.

Erich S. Gruen, prof. history/classics, University of California, Berkeley and 1988 AHA James H. Breasted Prize recipient

Steven Hahn, prof. history, University of California, San Diego

Tony Judt, prof. history, New York University

Carol F. Karlsen, assoc. prof. history/women’s stud., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Kenneth F. Kiple, prof. history, Bowling Green State University

Thomas F. Kselman, assoc. prof. history, University of Notre Dame

Walter LaFeber, prof. history, Cornell University

Emmet Larkin, prof. history, University of Chicago

Peggy K. Liss, scholar, Washington, DC

Joseph L. Love, prof. history/dir. Ctr. for Latin American and Caribbean Stud., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Theodore M. Porter, asst. prof. history, University of Virginia

David L. Ransel, prof. history/women’s stud., Indiana University and editor, American Historical Review.

Evelyn S. Rawski, prof. history/international studies research prof., University of Pittsburgh

David Rock, prof. history, University of California, Santa Barbara

Charles E. Rosenberg, prof. history of science, University of Pennsylvania

Roy Rosenzweig, assoc. prof. history, George Mason University

Vera Schwarcz, prof. East Asian stud., Wesleyan University

Huntington Library Fellowships 1989


NEH-Huntington Fellow

George Billias, prof. history, Clark University

Huntington-Fletcher Jones Fellows

Thomas C. Cox, assoc. prof. history, University of Southern California

Anne F. Hyde, asst. prof. history, Louisiana State University

Mavis Mate, prof. history, University of Oregon, Salem

Rina Palumbo, scholar, The Johns Hopkins University

Daniel A. Statt, asst. prof. history, Auburn University

Huntington-Haynes Foundation Fellows

William B. Friedricks, asst. prof. history, Simpson College

David G. Gutierrez, asst. prof. history, University of Utah, Salt Lake City

James H. Madison, assoc. prof. history, Indiana University

Judith Raftery, asst. prof. history, California State University, Chico

The Institute for Advanced Study 1989-90 Visiting Members

Alan E. Bernstein, assoc. prof. history, University of Arizona

Lawrence M. Bryant, assoc. prof. history, University of California, Chico

Owen S. Connelly, Jr., prof. history, University of South Carolina, Columbia

Brendan Dooley, prof. Venezia-Mestre, Italy

R. Burr Litchfield, prof. history, Brown University

James Muldoon, prof. history, Rutgers University, Camden

James Powell, prof. history, Syracuse University

Mary Lee Townsend, asst. prof. history, University of Tulsa

National Research Council

1989 Ford Foundation Minority Scholars Postdoctoral Program Fellow

David G. Gutierrez, asst. prof. history, University of Utah, Salt Lake City

Predoctoral Program Fellow

Matthew J. Countryman at Duke University

Dissertation Program Fellow

Andrea Y. Huginnie at Yale University

The Newberry Library

NEH-Newberry Fellows

David D. Bien, prof. history, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Louise C. Wade, prof. history, University of Oregon, Eugene

Lewis Fellow in American History

James A. Grossman, asst. prof. history, University of Chicago

British Academy/Newberry Exchange Fellow

Paul F. Gehl, Wing Collection, Newberry Library

Smith Center for the History of Cartography Fellow

Walter Goffart, prof. history, University of Toronto

Columbian Quincentennial Fellows

Gerald Theisen, assoc. prof. history, Clark College

John A. Williams, prof. history, Appalachian State University/dir. Appalachian Study Ctr

Short-Term Fellows

John M. Burney, assoc. prof. history, Loras College

Victoria Chandler, assoc. prof. history, Georgia College

Ellen Eslinger, asst. prof. history, James Madison University

James Gump, assoc. prof. history, University of San Diego

Brian C. Hosmer, grad. student, University of Texas, Austin

Suellen Hoy, adjunct. prof. history, University of Notre Dame

Carol F. Karlsen, assoc. prof. history, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Ellen Litwicki, grad. student, University of Virginia

June Namias, lec. history, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Joyce E. Salisbury, assoc. prof. history, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay

Karen Sawislak, grad. student, Yale University

Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe College, Visiting Scholars

Barbara M. Solomon, prof. emer., Havard University

Joan G. Zimmerman, scholar, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation Rural Policy Fellow

Susan L. Smith, Ph.D. cand., University of Wisconsin, Madison