Publication Date

April 1, 1990

Perspectives Section


Council for the International Exchange of Scholars Fulbright Awards, 1989–90


American History

Elaine G. Breslaw, chair, history/geography, Morgan State University

Joan L. Bromberg, dir. Laser Hist. Project, Woburn, MA

Steven R. Eckovich, maitre de conferences, Ecole Polytechnique des Hautes Etudes Commerciales, Paris

Eric Foner, prof. history, Columbia University

David F. Healy, prof. history, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Melvin G. Holli, prof. history, University of Illinois, Chicago

James E. Hoopes, prof. lib. arts, Babson College

J. Ignacio Mendez, assoc. prof. history, Northeastern Illinois University

Susan D. Moeller, lec. history, Princeton University

William E. Montgomery, prof. history, Austin Community College

Peter S. Onuf, prof. history, Southern Methodist University

Richard V. Pierard, prof. history, Indiana State University, Terre Haute

Donald J. Proctor, prof. soc. sciences, University of Michigan, Dearborn

Robert A. Rosenstone, prof. human./soc. sciences, California Institute of Technology and film editor, American Historical Review

Walter Struve, prof. history, City University of New York, City College

Gregory R. Zieren, visiting asst. prof. history, University of Iowa, Iowa City

William L. Ziglar, prof. history/pol. sci., Eastern College

Communications and Journalism

Marshall W. Fishwick, prof. communication stud., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Non-U.S. History

George Barany, prof. history, University of Denver

Gerald M. Berg, assoc. prof. history, Sweet Briar College

Michael D. Bonner, asst. prof. Near Eastern stud., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Charles B. Burdick, prof. history, San Jose State University

John H. Coatsworth, prof. history, University of Chicago

Harold J. Cook, assoc. prof. history of medicine, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Jerry Cooney, prof. history, University of Louisville

David P. Daniel, assoc. prof. historical theology, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

Sandra M. Deutsch, assoc.. prof. history, University of Texas, El Paso

Jeffrey L. Gould, asst. prof. history, Indiana University

Kathryn L. Green, asst. prof. history, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Erwin P. Grieshaber, assoc. prof. history, Mankato State University

Margaret R. Hunt, asst. prof. history, Amherst College

Eugene F. Irschick, prof. history, University of California, Berkeley

Eric A. Johnson, prof. history, Central Michigan University

Lester D. Langley, research prof. history, University of Georgia, Athens

William J. Lowe, dean, School of Grad. Stud., Chicago State University

Sheldon Maram, prof. history, California State University, Fullerton

Paul E. Michelson, prof. history, Huntington College

Marcial E. Ocasio-Melendez, asst. prof. history, University of Michigan, Flint

Max J. Okenfuss, assoc. prof. history, Washington University

Jaime E. Rodriguez, prof. history, University of California, Irvine

Linda S. Schilcher, asst. prof. history, Villanova University

John D. Treadway, asst. prof. history, University of Richmond

Margaret L. Venzke, asst. prof. history, Loyola Collge

Sheila F. Weiss, assoc. prof. lib. stud., Clarkson University

Thomas L. Whigham, asst. prof. history, University of Georgia, Athens

Ralph L. Woodward, Jr., chair/prof. history, Tulane University

Larry W. Yarak, asst. prof. history, Texas A & M University

Sociology and Social Work

John H. Stanfield, II, prof. sociology, College of William and Mary