Publication Date

October 1, 1990

Perspectives Section

AHA Activities

Under the bylaws pursuant to Article VIII, Sections 2, 3, and 4 of the constitution, the executive director invites all members of the Association to submit to him, on or before December 15, recommendations for the following offices: president-elect; vice-president of the Teaching Division; two Council members; one member each for the Professional, Research, and Teaching divisions; one member for the Committee on Committees; and three members of the Nominating Committee. All suggestions received will be forwarded to the Nominating Committee for consideration at its meeting next February.

Present membership of the Council and elective committees is as follows, with open positions indicated by the year and name in bold italic lettering:

Terms expire in December.



David Herlihy, Brown University, president

1991 William E. Leuchtenburg, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, president-elect

Louis R. Harlan, University of Maryland, College Park, immediate past president

1990 Richard T. Vann, Wesleyan University, vice-president, Research Division

1991 Mary K. Bonsteel Tachau, University of Louisville, vice-president, Teaching Division

1992 Susan Socolow, Emory University, vice-president, Professional Division

1990 Lawrence W. Levine, University of California, Berkeley

1990 Carol Gluck, Columbia University

1991 Margaret Strobel, University of Illinois, Chicago

1991 Martin J. Wiener, Rice University

1992 Barbara Hanawalt, University of Minnesota

1992 Paul L. Kelley, University of California, Santa Barbara

Divisional Committee Members



1990 Caroline W. Bynum, Columbia University

1991 David M. Katzman, University of Kansas

1992 Barbara Alpern Engel, University of Colorado, Boulder


1990 Ira Berlin, University of Maryland, College Park

1991 Constance B. Schulz, University of South Carolina

1992 David H. Stam, Syracuse University


1990 Julia Stewart Werner, Nicolet High School, Wisconsin

1991 Barbara J. Harris, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

1992 Robert Brent Toplin, University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Committee on Committees

1990 John R. Gillis, Rutgers University, New Brunswick

1990 Louisa S. Hoberman, Austin, Texas

1991 Stanley G. Payne, University of Wisconsin, Madison

1992 Carole Shammas, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Nominating Committee

1990 William B. Cohen, Indiana University

1990 Alice Kessler-Harris, Rutgers University, New Brunswick

1990 Colin A. Palmer, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

1991 Angeliki Laiou, Dumbarton Oaks

1991 Gary B. Nash, University of California, Los Angeles

1991 Barbara N. Ramusack, University of Cincinnati

1992 Pete Daniel, National Museum of American History

1992 Patrick Geary, University of Florida

1992 Arvarh E. Strickland, University of Missouri, Columbia

See also the ballot material for the 1990 elections that was mailed to the membership last month, the slate of which was published in the April 1990 Perspectives.

Suggestions should be submitted to the Executive Director, AHA, 400 A Street SE, Washington, DC 20003. Please specify academic or other position and field of the individual; include also a brief statement of his or her qualifications for the particular position for which you are recommending the person.