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April 1, 2007

Perspectives Section

AHA Activities

The Nominating Committee for 2007–08, chaired by Neil Foley (Univ. of Texas at Austin), met in Washington, D.C. on February 3–4 and offers the following candidates for offices of the Association that are to be filled in the election this year:

President (1-year term)

  • Gabrielle M. Spiegel, Johns Hopkins University (medieval, with a special interest in historiography and linguistic analysis, medieval and contemporary)

President-elect (1-year term)

  • Peter Stearns, George Mason University (U.S. social, world)
  • Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, Harvard University (U.S. to 1815, comparative gender history since 1600)

Vice-President, Professional Division (3-year term)

  • Ronald Grigor Suny, University of Michigan (Soviet Union and post-Soviet Russia; nationalism; ethnic conflict; the role of emotions in politics; South Caucasus; Russian/Soviet historiography)
  • David J. Weber, Southern Methodist University (Borderlands, American West, Latin America)

Council (3-year terms)

Slot 1:
  • Barton C. Hacker, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution (comparative military technology, comparative history of military institutions, women and military institutions)
  • Trudy H. Peterson, Consulting Archivist (archives)
Slot 2:
  • Prasenjit Duara, University of Chicago (modern Chinese social and cultural; nationalism, imperialism, and transnationalism; historiography and social theory)
  • Toyin Falola, University of Texas at Austin (African history since the 19th century)

Division Representatives (3-year terms)

  • Kristin L. Ahlberg, Office of the Historian, U.S. Department of State (U.S. diplomatic, presidency; foreign assistance policy; public)
  • Andrew Jackson O'Shaughnessy, Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies, Monticello, Thomas Jefferson Foundation (colonial America, American Revolution, British Caribbean)
  • Mary Elizabeth Berry, University of California at Berkeley (medieval and early modern Japan, warfare and violence, urban history, print culture, economic thought and consumption)
  • John R. McNeill, Georgetown University (environmental, Mediterranean, Atlantic, world)
  • Fritz Fischer, University of Northern Colorado (U.S. history, history education)
  • Timothy N. Thurber, Virginia Commonwealth University (20th-century U.S., political, Civil Rights)

Committee on Committees (3-year term)

  • Christopher Leslie Brown, Rutgers University-New Brunswick (early British empire, comparative history of slavery and abolition)
  • Brad Gregory, University of Notre Dame (Reformation, early modern Europe)

Nominating Committee (3-year terms)

Slot 1
  • Lisa Forman Cody, Claremont McKenna College (Britain 1500–1945, France 1700–1945, visual culture; women, gender, and sex roles; medicine and science)
  • Marc R. Forster, Connecticut College (early modern Germany, German Catholicism, popular religion and popular culture, rural society)
Slot 2
  • David G. Gutiérrez, University of California at San Diego (Chicano, American Southwest, comparative immigration, and ethnicity)
  • Jonathan Scott Holloway, Yale University (post-emancipation social, cultural, intellectual)
Slot 3
  • Joseph E. Inikori, University of Rochester (Western Africa, Britain and Ireland, economic)
  • David Newbury, Smith College (Central and East Africa)

Nominations may also be made by petition carrying in each case the signatures of one hundred or more members of the Association in good standing and indicating in each case the particular vacancy for which the nomination is intended. Nominations by petition must be in the hands of the Nominating Committee on or before July 1, 2007. All nominations must be accompanied by certification of willingness of the nominee to serve if elected. In distributing the annual ballot to the members of the Association, the Nominating Committee shall present and identify such candidates nominated by petition along with its own candidates.

Schedule for the 2007 AHA Election

  • April 2007: Slate published in Perspectives.
  • July 1, 2007: Deadline for nominations by petition, if any.
  • August 31, 2007: Ballot material sent to current AHA members.
  • November 1, 2007: Deadline for return of ballots.
  • January 5, 2008: Election results announced at business meeting during 122nd annual meeting scheduled for Washington, D.C.
  • January 6, 2008: Individuals begin terms of office.

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