Publication Date

November 1, 1988

Perspectives Section


Even before her official starting date of September 1, 1988, new History Teaching Alliance Director Jane Landers was “getting the ball rolling” on her new position by sending in a “Call for Proposals” to the October issue of Perspectives (see page 3). Her first report as director follows this article.

A newly-minted Ph.D. (August 1988) from the University of Florida, Gainesville, Jane lists herself as a Colonial Latin Americanist, with a specialty in minority and race relations. Her professional experience includes teaching Latin American history and the U.S. survey, historical consulting and research, and historical editing.

From January to December 1987, she was project director on the Encyclopedia of the American Judiciary, coedited by Kermit Hall and Harold Hyman. In April 1987, she worked as consultant/researcher on the Fort Mose Film Project, a ninety-minute docudrama on the life of Francisco Menendez and the Mose Community directed by Samira Osman. This followed her work on the Fort Mose Archaeological Project where she has been the project historian since September 1986.

As a member of the AHA, OAH, the National Council for the Social Studies, the Southern Historical Association, and the American Society for Ethnohistory, Jane has presented a number of papers at conferences and meetings. She involved with the three-year project, Spanish Pathways in Florida, (see page 10) funded by the state of Florida and the NEH, and will be speaking at the accompanying conference in Tampa this November 13 and 14.