Publication Date

May 1, 1991

Perspectives Section

AHA Activities

The Teaching Division and the Council have accepted a generous gift from friends of professor emerita Nancy Lyman Roelker to initiate a mentorship award. The initial award will be in 1992 and will follow a three-cycle rotation between undergraduate, graduate, and secondary educational levels. Its Selection Committee will be named by the Committee on Committees and Council in late 1991 and will include representatives from all levels in the educational progression as well as the original sponsors of the award.

The mentoring process is deemed to include belief in the value of the study of history and love of teaching, a personal commitment to the student as a person, honesty, integrity, and frankness by the mentoring teacher, and the development of mutual trust between student and mentor.

The Association will begin publicizing the new Roelker Award in the fall issues of Perspectives, seeking nominations from students, colleagues, and admirers of potential recipients.