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March 18, 2013

After a long hiatus, our series “History— There’s an App for That” is back, just in time to showcase a broad range of new, useful apps for tech-hungry historians. While some of the apps relate to the study of history in general, most picks are intended to help the history professional in a wide variety of environments—in the classroom, in the archive, and out on the town.

What have we left out? Let us know in the comments what you like and use and I will add it to the list!

(Free!); available for Apple devices. The official app of the Musée du Louvre.

American Presidents for iPad
($3.99); available for Apple devices. An overview of the history of America through the biographies of every American president.

More Than a Map (submitted by AHA Today reader Sara Haviland)
(Free!); available for Apple and Android devices. An interactive map that allows users to “locate, experience, and contribute to African American History.”

Environmental History Mobile (submitted by AHA Today reader Sean Kheraj)
(Free!); available for Apple devices. Environmental History mobile allows historians to keep up with the latest news and updates from the environmental history community, including “announcements, blogs, and podcasts about environmental history.”

At Work
(Free!); available for Apple and Android devices. A document scanner and document archive. Scan a document on your phone, then store it on your phone, e-mail it, or save it to the cloud. For the paid version, users can export the document into PDF.

(99 cents); available for Apple and Android devices. Aimed at historians who tend to procrastinate (no judgment), CARROT is a to-do app with “personality.” CARROT—an on-screen dot—stores and keeps track of daily tasks. Each time a user completes a task, CARROT remains blue, and the user is rewarded with points that they can redeem later for prizes (including jokes, compliments, and quotes). If you fail, CARROT turns red.

(Free!); available for Apple devices. A new calendar app that syncs with Google calendar, Facebook, and LinkedIn, allowing a user to seamlessly integrate events from multiple social media platforms into one primary calendar.

(Free!); available for Apple, PC and Android devices. An app that supports remote access from anywhere. Forget to save your latest draft on your office computer? LogMeIn allows you to access your files from home.

LibriVox (submitted by AHA Today reader Janine Giordano Drake)
(Free!); available for Apple and Android devices. Download and listen to a number of free audiobooks (available in the public domain). According to reader Janine Giordano Drake, historians could use this app as a resource in the classroom for students with disabilities.

(Free!); available for Apple and Android devices. Marketed as a “Social Magazine,” Flipboard is a combination of RSS reader and social media dashboard that allows users to enjoy read and share daily news and their favorite blogs in one platform.

($19.99); available for Apple devices. Pages is a streamlined word processor that allows writers to compose, edit, and share draft documents. Perfect for the scholar who travels and needs an enhanced word processor on their iPhone or iPad.

(Free!); available for Apple and Android devices. Layar allows users to make “the print world clickable” by digital content to static, print content with one camera shot.

When Traveling
Simple Money
(Free!); available for Android devices. A convenient money manager that allow users to itemize expenses and create custom reports. Perfect for the historian who needs a simple way to track travel expenses at their fingertips.

(Free!); available for Apple and Android devices. Marketed as your “home base during your day of travel,” GateGuru presents “all of the high-level information you need to know, such as airport weather, check-in terminal, flight departure time and status and much more.”

(Free!); available for Apple and Android devices. A guide to “cool, hidden, and unique things” around you, perfect for the traveling historian looking to explore a new city.

(Free!); available for Apple devices. A travel guide curated by “top tier chefs, sommeliers, bartenders, baristas” for historians who want to experience the best cuisine around town.

For Fun
(Free!); available for Apple devices. Winston is an app that uses artificial intelligence to speak aloud (think Alfred from Batman) your Twitter, Facebook, and RSS streams.

Songza (AHA staff favorite!)
(Free!); available for Apple and Android devices. An alternative to Pandora, Songza is a free media streaming service that offers music playlists curated by music experts. The best part? No ads.

Oregon Trail: American Settler
(Free!); available for Apple and Android devices. Oregon Trail: American Settler is a reboot of the classic game with even more features.

(99 cents); available for Apple devices. A beautifully designed weather app for weather enthusiasts.

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