Publication Date

September 1, 1991

Perspectives Section

Letters to the Editor

Since the publication of “Computer Database Management for Historical Research and Writing,” appeared in Perspectives, April 1991, I have received over a hundred inquiries, from sources ranging from university professors to prison inmates. I had no idea that the historical profession had become so diverse. I will give brief responses to the principal inquiries below, and offer a more complete explanation by mail.

The History Computerization Project is offering free courses in the use of computers for history at the Regional History Center, University of Southern California. Please contact us for a schedule, or for information on how your institution could offer similar courses.

The course textbook, Computer Database Management for Research, Writing, and Cataloging, by David Clark is being published by McGraw Hill in time for the fall courses.

The computer program used by the project, History Database, will run on IBM PC compatible computers. The program is available in both single-user and multi-user versions, and is specifically intended to bridge the current gap between individual and institutional computing, in order to provide a better flow of information between the researcher and the repository. At the USC Regional History Center, a researcher can download data from the Center’s database directly into his/her own personal database.

I have written a complete, seventy-five page explanation of all of the above (just the sort of thing that a historian would write, and only a historian would read). To receive a copy, contact me by mail or phone, and give me your academic and home address and phone numbers. I can be reached at: , History Computerization Project, 24851 Piuma Road, Malibu, CA 90265; 818/888-9371.

David L. Clark
History Computerization Project