Publication Date

September 1, 2011

Preregistration required; teachers must be AHA members

To nurture interest in history among students and to encourage their mentors, the AHA is again offering special discounted registration rates for high school and undergraduate teachers who are AHA members and who are accompanied by small groups of their students. For the first time, the special rates are also being extended toteachers in graduate schools who are AHA members and are accompanied by their pre-candidacy graduate students (that is, graduate students who are in the early stages of their program).

In all cases, the teachers can take advantage of this offer and preregister themselves and up to three accompanying students at the special group rates indicated below for each category. Teachers who are not yet members of the Association can join before the registration deadline to avail of this program.

For administrative reasons, preregistration is required to obtain this special rate. The discounted group registration will not be available, therefore, after the preregistration deadline of December 19, 2011.

High School Teachers and Students

The rate for high school teachers (who are AHA members) and their students will be $69 for the group (one teacher and up to three students). This special, low rate is intended to give an opportunity to history teachers to develop the interest of their high school students in history. Students who took advantage of the program in the past were delighted by the experience (see, for instance, the article by Jason Knoll in the February 2011 issue of Perspectives on History). AP history students in particular found much to like at the annual meeting.

Undergraduate Teachers and Students

Undergraduate teachers who are members of the AHA can also preregister themselves and up to three students at the rate of $197 for the group. An excellent opportunity for history majors in particular, the group discount will also allow teachers to bring other students with a burgeoning interest in history. The trip to the annual meeting can be expected not only to further stimulate the students' interest in the discipline, but also to give them a chance to see and hear many distinguished historians.

Graduate Teachers and Students

For the first time, the AHA is also extending the discounted rates to groups of teachers in graduate departments accompanied by their students, with the condition that the students should be at an early stage in their study program.

This group registration is intended to encourage graduate students to attend the annual meeting well before they enter the job market. Students who have attended early in their graduate careers have remarked on how stimulating and enjoyable this experience has been, in sharp contrast to the probably inevitable tensions that accompany attendance while on the job market. We hope that attendance at the AHA annual meeting will enhance graduate students' engagement with the discipline through direct experience with the collegiality and intellectual stimulation that characterizes the conference, and the opportunity to meet their counterparts at other institutions.

Teachers of graduate students who wish to bring a group of up to three precandidacy graduate students can preregister at the discounted rate of $197 for the entire group (teacher and three students). The teachers have to be members of the AHA.

Additional Information

Teachers must include the name of at least one student when they register. They can include up to two additional students later—if they wish to do so—by calling (505) 743-0510. After arriving in Chicago, teachers will pick up their own badges and the specially marked student badges at the registration area in River Hall B of the Sheraton Chicago. Students must accompany the teachers to pick up their badges, and may be required to produce their student identification. The group will have access to all annual meeting sessions and the Exhibit Hall; but the students in the group will not have access to (or be in) the messaging system.

Keep checking the AHA's annual meeting web site for updated information.

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