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September 1, 2011

Perspectives Section

AHA Activities

At its meetings in Washington, D.C., on June 4 and 5, 2011, the AHA Council made the following decisions:

  • Approved the minutes of the January 2011 meeting.

  • Approved the 2010–11 Finance Committee report and the 2011–12 operating and capital budgets

  • Approved applications for affiliation from the Association for Documentary Editing and three research centers at the Newberry Library (the Hermon Dunlap Smith Center for the History of Cartography, the D'Arcy McNickle Center for American Indian and Indigenous Studies, and the Dr. William M. Scholl Center for American History and Culture).

  • Approved 10 nominations to serve on the 2013 Program Committee (Sumit Guha, Rutgers University-New Brunswick; Patricia Heberer, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum; Carol Keller, San Antonio College; Ussama Makdisi, Rice University; Maureen C. Miller, University of California, Berkeley; Michele Mitchell, New York University; Jean O'Brien, University of Minnesota; Lara Putnam, University of Pittsburgh; Theresa Smith, Dept. of Social Studies, Oakwood Secondary School, North Hollywood, Calif.; James Sweet, University of Wisconsin-Madison).

  • Accepted “Lives, Places, Stories” as the theme for the 2013 meeting (to be held January 2–5 in New Orleans, Louisiana).

  • Approved a slightly modified membership dues structure.

  • Endorsed the Organization of American Historians' Standards for Part-Time, Adjunct and Contingent Faculty.

  • Authorized plans to shift background materials on candidates online for members who receive paper ballots, thus reducing printing and mailing costs.

  • Approved a proposal to eliminate the "precirculated papers”category from the Annual Meeting Guidelines.

  • Approved a proposal to widen eligibility requirements and criteria for the Herbert Feis Prize for distinguished contributions to public history.

  • Approved a proposal to expand eligibility requirements for the Roy Rosenzweig Prize for Innovation in Digital History.

  • Approved a proposal to limit the John H. Dunning Prize in U.S. history to published books—eliminating the option to submit a manuscript.

  • Approved revisions to the AHA Prize Policy that clarify standard funding and amounts for the book prizes, as well as the selection criteria for members of the prize selection committees.

  • Authorized a staff proposal to develop a small travel grant in early modern European history from surplus funds in the Gershoy Prize endowment.

  • Approved a pilot program of childcare subventions at the 2012 annual meeting.

  • Accepted the final report from the Task Force on Disability.

  • Agreed to convert the Task Force on Disability into an Advisory Committee on Disability for up to two years to assist staff in implementing recommendations.

  • Approved a proposal from the Task Force on Disability to include the Restoration Act of the Americans with Disabilities Act 2007 in the AHA Advertising Policy.

  • Endorsed the Society of American Archivists' statement on “Best Practices for Working with Archives Researchers with Physical Disabilities.”

  • Approved the appointment of Lara Kriegel (Indiana University) as associate editor of the American Historical Review.

  • Approved the appointment of three new members of the AHR Board of Editors: Meaghan Vaughn, King’s College, University of Cambridge; Harold Cook, Brown University; and William Novak, University of Michigan.

  • Approved the Nominating Committee's recommendation that due to the significance of the office, an exception may be made on duplication of institutional representation in order to pair the very best candidates for President-elect.

  • Approved a proposal to provide members with one year of free access to Choice book reviews.

  • Approved a proposal to form a subcommittee on investments of the AHA Finance Committee.

  • Approved the following resolution of appreciation for a recently deceased member of the AHA staff:

Whereas David Darlington provided devoted service to the Association over the past ten years; and
Whereas David’s conscientious administration of the Employment Information Bulletin, the Job Center, and an array of other programs touched the lives of many in our profession in a positive and enduring way; and
Whereas David was much beloved by his colleagues at the Association; and
Whereas his service to the history discipline was cut much too short by his premature death;
Therefore the Council of the American Historical Association now recognizes and celebrates the lasting legacy of service that David Darlington and his work have left to this Association.

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