Publication Date

March 1, 1996

The Conference on Latin American History () held its annual conference in conjunction with the AHA on January 4—7, 1996, in Atlanta. One hundred members attended the luncheon, held at the Carter Presidential Center. Robert Pastor, director of the Latin American Program at the Carter Center, spoke about democracy in Latin America. After the luncheon, the following awards for 1995 were presented:

Distinguished Service Award: John Jay Te Paske.

Herbert E. Bolton Memorial Prize: Elinor G.K. Melville, A Plague of Sheep, Environmental Consequences of the Conquest of Mexico (1994).

Herbert E. Bolton Honorable Mention: R. Douglas Cope, The Limits of Racial Domination (1994).

Herbert E. Bolton Honorable Mention: David J. McCreery, Rural Guatemala (1994).

Howard Cline Prize: David Block, Mission Culture on the Upper Amazon: Native Tradition, Jesuit Enterprise, and Secular Policy in Moxos, 1660-1880 (1994).

Howard Cline Memorial Honorable Mention: John Manuel Monteiro, Negros da terra: Indios e bandeirantes nas origens de Sao Paulo (1994).

Conference on Latin American History Prize: Lauren Derby for “Haitians, Magic, and Money: Raza and Society in the Haitian-Dominican Borderlands, 1900 to 1937,” in Comparative Studies in Society and History 36:3 (July 1994).

Conference on Latin American History Honorable Mention: Rebecca Scott for “Defining the Boundaries of Freedom in the World of Cane: Cuba, Brazil, and Louisiana after Emancipation,” American Historical Review 99:1 (February 1994).

James A. Robertson Prize: Marc A. Edelman and Mitchell A. Seligman for “Land Inequality: A Comparison of Census Data and Property Records in Twentieth-Century Southern Costa Rica,” Hispanic American Historical Review 74:3 (August 1994).

James A. Robertson Honorable Mention: Karen Viera Powers for “The Battle for Bodies and Souls in the Colonia North Andes: Intra-Ecclesiastical Struggles and the Politics of Migration,” Hispanic American Historical Review 74:3 (February 1995).

The Lydia Cabrera Award: Joseph Carroll Dorsey for “Troubled Tao: Self, Otherness, and Dissidence Among Chinese Workers in Nineteenth-Century Cuba” (original research).

Tibesar Prize: B.J. Barickman for “‘Tame Indians: ‘Wild Heathens: andSettlers in Southern Bahia in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries,” The Americas 51:3 (January 1995).

James R. Scobie Memorial Award: Jadwiga Pieper (Rutgers Univ.) for “The Politics of Fertility Regulation in Chile” (predissertation research).

For details about awards, contact Secretariat, Institute for Latin American Studies, Auburn University, 508 Lower Bldg., Auburn University, AL 36849-5258. (334) 844-4161 Fax (334) 844-6673.

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