Publication Date

May 1, 1995

The Conference on Latin American History (CLAH) held its annual conference in conjunction with the AHA on January 5–8, 1995. Some 130 members attended the CLAH luncheon, held at the Berghoff Restaurant. Michel Rolphe Trouillot, a Haitian scholar teaching at Johns Hopkins University, spoke on the theme of boundaries in studying and teaching Caribbean history. Many of his observations echoed those Thomas Holt offered in his presidential address at the AHA meeting.

During the luncheon, the following CLAH awards for 1994, totaling $17,500, were presented:

Distinguished Service Award

Tulio Halperin-Donghi

Herbert E. Bolton Memorial Prize

Enrique Tandeter, for Coercion and Market: Silver Mining in Colonial Potos, 1692–1826 (Albuquerque: Univ. of New Mexico Press, 1993)

Honorable Mention

Nils Jacobsen, for Mirages of Transition: The Peruvian Altiplano, 1780–1930 (Berkeley: Univ. of California Press, 1993)

Conference on Latin American History Prize

Jonathan C. Brown for "Foreign and Native-Born Workers in Porfirian Mexico," in the American Historical Review 98:3 (June 1993)

James A. Robertson Memorial Prize

Jeffrey L. Gould for "'Vana Ilusin!' The Highlands Indians and the Myth of Nicaragua Mestiza, 1880–1925," in the Hispanic American Historical Review 73:3 (August 1993)

Tibesar Prize

John Garrigus for "Blue and Brown: Contraband Indigo and the Rise of a Free Colored Planter Class in French Saint-Domingue," in The Americas 50:2 (October 1993)

Lydia Cabrera Awards for Research

Amy Ferlazzo for "Vagrancy in 19th-Century Cuba, 1820–1868"; Alfonso Quiroz for "The Origins of Financial Institutions in Cuba, 1840–1868" ; and Linda Salvucci for "Spanish Protectionist Policies and the U.S.-Cuba Trade, 1821–1898"

James R. Scobie Memorial Awards for Research

Harold Langfur for "Conflict and Collaboration: Indians, Settlers, and the State in 19th-Century Brazil"; and Jacqueline Holler for "Nuns in 16th-Century Mexico"

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