Publication Date

April 1, 1995

November 8-11, 1995

The quality of undergraduate teaching and learning has been at the forefront of discussions on postsecondary education for a number of years now. The graduate school experience was designed to prepare students to become teachers and researchers in their fields. The emphasis in graduate education has, however, been on research. Most observers would agree that graduate education produces expert researchers, but many colleges and universities—as well as businesses—have discovered that expertise in research is not enough. Consequently, the AHA is pleased to cosponsor a conference entitled "The Professional Apprenticeship: TAs in the 21st Century." The conference, which is being organized by the American Association for Higher Education, will focus on the preparation of graduate students for positions in the future professoriate. The conference will also explore the concerns of those who plan careers in the private sector, for the applicability to business and industry of the knowledge and skill taught inmost teaching assistant programs has become evident. The conference will highlight creative teaching assistant programs, assess partnerships that provide teaching and other professional experiences for graduate students, and open a discussion of innovative practices and policies for the future. The University of Colorado· at Boulder will host the conference, which will be held in Denver. The conference proceedings will be published in 1996.

Administrators, faculty members, graduate students, supervisors or coordinators of teaching assistants, and representatives from business and industry are invited to attend the conference. The AHA and groups from other disciplines will organize discipline-specific seminars, breakfast meetings, or sessions at the conference to compare notes, collaborate, and talk about developments throughout the country. Those interested in organizing or participating in a special history session at the meeting should contact Noralee Frankel, Assistant Director for Women and Minority Interests, American Historical Association, 400 A SL, SE, Washington, DC 20003. (202) 544-2422. For additional details about the conference, contact American Association for Higher Education, 1 Dupont Circle, Ste. 360, Washington, DC 20036-1110. (202) 293-6440.

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