Publication Date

October 1, 1997

The American Historical Association is pleased to announce that the following candidates were selected from among many fine applicants to receive the AHA grants and fellowships for 1997-98.

1997 Littleton-Griswold Research Grants

Susanna Blumenthal (New York Univ.), Jacob Cogan (Yale Univ.), Kathleen Cummings (Brandeis Univ.), Bruce Eelman (Univ. of Maryland at College Pk.), Cheryl Deloris Hicks (Princeton Univ.), Derek Krissoff (SUNY-Buffalo), Michael Millender (Univ. of Florida), Elizabeth Rosen (Graduate School of the City Univ. of New York).

1997 Michael Kraus Research Grants

Andrew Kevin Frank (Univ. of Florida), Steven J. Oatis (Emory Univ.), Joshua Piker (Cornell Univ.)

1997 Albert J. Beveridge Research Grants

Frank Argote-Freyre (Rutgers Univ.), Edward E. Baptist (Univ. of Pennsylvania), Marc Becker (Univ. of Kansas), Kathleen Ann Clark (Yale Univ.), Max S. Edelson (Johns Hopkins Univ.), Anne Enke (Univ. of North Carolina at Greensboro), Colin Robert Fisher (Univ. of California at Irvine), Bridget Ford (Univ. of California at Davis), Julia Foulkes (Univ. of Massachusetts at Amherst), Tami J. Friedman (Columbia Univ.), Moon Ho Jung (Cornell Univ.), Jennifer Keene (Univ. of Redlands), DeeArma Manning (Washington Univ.), Lisa R. Mar (Univ. of Toronto), Sarah-Jane Mathieu (Yale Univ.), Matthew Mulcahy (Univ. of Minnesota at Minneapolis), Susan Parker (Univ. of Florida), Amy G. Richter (New York Univ.), Lori E. Rotskoff (Yale Univ.), Andrew B. Smith (Univ. of California at Los Angeles), Jennifer Michel Spear (Univ. of Minnesota at Minneapolis), Evelyn Sterne (Duke Univ.), Caroline Waldron (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), john Edward Williams-Searle (Univ. of Iowa).

1996 Bernadotte E. Schmitt Research Grant

Brian Catlos (Univ. of Toronto), Katherine French (SUNY-New Paltz), Kevin Grant (Univ. of California at Berkeley), Dawn Marie Hayes (Coll. of Staten Island, CUNY), Elizabeth Lehfeldt (Cleveland State Univ.), Jacob Melish (Univ. of Michigan at Ann Arbor), joseph Perry (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Eve M. Trout Powell (Univ. of Georgia at Athens), Christopher Schmidt-Nowara (Stanford Univ.), Mary Ann Suydam (Kenyon Coll.)

1996-97 Fellowship in Aerospace History

Jill D. Snider, of Washington, D.C., for her proposal, "Race, Aviation, and American Foreign Policy: An Analysis of the Rhetoric of Three Latin American Goodwill Flights."

1997-98 Fellowship in Aerospace History

Margaret Weitekamp, of Ithaca, N.Y., for her proposal, "The Right Stuff, The Wrong Sex: The Science, Politics, and Culture of Lady Astronaut Trainees, 1959-63."

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