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July 9, 2007

Sadly, the PhDinHistory blog closed its digital shutters and went offline over the weekend, apparently permanently. In its brief four months online, the site offered a rich array of insights into the graduate experience, as well as compelling analyses of data about the history profession and often biting critiques of the flaws and foibles of our profession. As a doctoral student looking to a career in the profession, the blog’s author sought the cloak of anonymity. Even though I was often on the receiving end of a number of critical observations on the blog, I looked forward to each new posting and thought the author wrote with considerable care and responsibility.

Unfortunately, in an e-mail today the author of the blog reported a number of efforts to crack his or her identity, which had come uncomfortably close. Sadly, it appears that the opportunities for reaching a wider audience provided by the medium made it all too easy to cast back the veil of anonymity. Rather than risk potential damage to a budding career, the author decided to close down the site. As someone who still remembers the anxieties of graduate school it is hard to fault the decision, but it is a terrific loss to the profession.

*Update*:PhDinHistory is Back

This post first appeared on AHA Today.

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