Publication Date

March 1, 1995

A coalition of eight arts and humanities organizations, including the National Humanities Alliance, on whose board the AHA sits, recently established an 800 number. Arts and humanities advocates may now dial 1-800-651-1575 to ask Western Union to hand-deliver three mailgrams the next day to their congressional representative and two senators. This service is available for a flat fee of $9.50, charged to callers' telephone bills. This number has been established for the convenience of those who wish to voice their concerns but who do not have time to write. Time is, of course, of the essence. Thousands of messages have been delivered thus far. Congressional staff members report that the last time this strategy was used, it convinced Congress that a majority of constituents believed in the endowments and wanted them preserved.

The text of the message you send will be:

My friends and family are depending on you to fight for the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Institute of Museum Services. The national leadership and funding of these agencies is critical to arts and cultural activities that our community needs. Please don't let us down. The federal government plays an important role in helping to support cultural activities in the United States and the world. It is a role appropriate to the federal government because creativity, mutual understanding, education, and the life of the mind enhance the nation's well-being while strengthening citizenship. These programs include international exchanges, historical conservation, humanistic and artistic learning and expression, and the preservation of our national heritage.

  • The NEA, NEH, and IMS are a great investment in the economic growth of every community in the United States.
  • The NEA, NEH, and IMS stimulate local economies' tourism and improve the qual
  • ity of local civic life.
  • The nonprofit arts industry generates $36.8 billion annually, supports 1.3 million jobs, and returns $3.4 billion in federal taxes.
  • The NEA, NEH, and IMS ensure accessibility to the arts and the humanities for everyone.
  • The arts and humanities enjoy bipartisan support at the federal, state, and local level.
  • The arts and humanities are an investment in our children and families.
  • A strong federal, state, and local partnership of investing in the arts is essential.
  • The federal government is responsible for building our broad cultural infrastructure.
  • The arts and humanities promote this country's civic virtue and citizen responsibility.

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