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April 25, 2022

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Each year, the American Historical Association awards research grants to support the study, exploration, and advancement of history in several subject areas. The AHA is pleased to announce 36 winners for the 2022 Albert J. Beveridge Grant, Michael Kraus Research Grant, Littleton-Griswold Grant, and Bernadotte E. Schmitt Grant, who will be conducting research over the course of the year. Congratulations to our winners!

Albert J. Beveridge Grant to support research in the Western hemisphere (United States, Canada, and Latin America)

  • Jacqueline Mercier Allain, Birthing Imperial Citizens: Citizenship, Labor, and Population Politics in the 19th-Century Martinique
  • Kimberly Beaudreau, Economic Migrants and the Decline of the American Refugee and Asylum System, 1975–2000
  • Alexander Chaparro Silva, Writing the Other America: Democracy, Race, and Print Culture in the Americas, 1821–98
  • Alexander David Clayton, The Living Animal: Biopower and Empire in the Atlantic Menagerie, 1760–1890
  • Javier Etchegaray Garcia,“En el desamparo de los Bosques y de las distancias”: Approaching Indigenous Autonomy in 18th-Century Chiloé through the Lens of Social Ecology
  • David Helps, Securing the World City: Policing, Migration, and the Struggle for Global Los Angeles, 1973–94
  • Viridiana Hernández Fernández, Guacamole Ecosystems: Agriculture, Migration, and Deforestation in 20th-Century Mexico
  • Whitney A. McIntosh, Thomas Szasz and the American Deinstitutionalization Movement, 1961–88
  • Terrell Orr, The Roots of Global Citrus in “Nuevo South” Florida and Rural São Paulo
  • Shelby M. Sinclair, “Gason konn bouke, men pa fanm”: Black Women Workers and the United States Occupation of Haiti, 1915–34
  • Erin W. Stone, Impacts of Indigenous Slavery at the Edge of Empire: The War of Arauco and Formation of the Mapuche, 1535–1655
  • Adriana Zenteno Hopp, Shifting Pasts, Alternative Futures: The Making of Identities in the Colonial Andes

Michael Kraus Research Grant to support research in American colonial history

  • Julia Carroll, The Protestant Sanctioning of Race-Based Slavery in Language and Landscape in the Anglo-American South, 1739–91
  • Sarah Beth Gable, Policing the Revolution: Massachusetts Communities and the Committees of Correspondence, Inspection, and Safety, 1773–83
  • Kelly Douma Kaelin, Convert, Migrant, Missionary: Women and the Moravian Church in the Early Modern Atlantic World
  • Andrea Miles, Black Rebels: African American Revolutionaries from North Carolina during and after the War of Independence
  • Jonathan Quint, Building the Border: Sovereignty, Labor, and Landscape in the Great Lakes Borderlands, 1760–1820

Littleton-Griswold Research Grant to support research in US legal history and in the general field of law and society

  • Clay Robert Ammentorp, The Suburban Prison: Carceral Policy and Suburban Sprawl at the California Institution for Men at Chino
  • Siobhan Barco, Women, Power, and the Legal News, 1830–1930
  • Bryant Etheridge, The Tragedy of Taft-Hartley: Interunion Rivalry, New Deal Labor Policy, and the Emergence of Postwar Conservatism
  • Yukako Otori, Disposable Subjects: Law and Child Migration to the United States, 1890s–1920s
  • Sarah Sadlier, Native American Legal Advocacy in the Courts of the Conqueror, 1967–2022
  • Madeline Williams, Challenging the Ableist State: Technologies of Blind Organizing and Welfare Statecraft through an Era of American Eugenics, 1850–1935

Bernadotte Schmitt Grant to support research in the history of Europe, Asia, and Africa

  • Celine Dauverd, All the Kings of the Mediterranean: The Role of the Renaissance Papacy in the North African Conquest, 1450–1620
  • Raymond Hyser, Caribbean Ceylon: Nature, Science, and the Spread of Plantation Coffee in the Global Tropics
  • Anirban Karak, Commerce as an Ethical Problem: Capitalism, Caste, and Subaltern Aspirations in Bengal, 1539–1859
  • Tracy Lucky Mensah, “Shopping for All Pocket”: A History of Sindhi Retail Business in Ghana, 1948–89
  • James Allen Nealy, Making Socialism Work: The Shchekino Method and the Drive to Modernize Soviet Industry
  • Kirtan Patel, Hindu Sampradayas and Religious Authenticity in British India, 1850–1950
  • Paige Pendarvis, Levels of Living: A History of the “Standard of Living” in the French Empire, 1910s–60s
  • Randall Todd Pippenger, Left Behind: Veterans, Widows, and Orphans in the Era of the Crusades
  • Taylor Anne Sims, By the Book: Women’s Piety and Literate Practice in the English Reformation Parish
  • John Thomas Sullivan, Aftershocks: Earthquakes and Reform in Naples and the Spanish Atlantic, 1715–1800
  • Maria Telegina, Islamic Diplomatic Practices in the Service of Early Modern Christian States
  • Jongsik Christian Yi, More-than-People’s Communes: Veterinary Workers, Animals, and One Health in Maoist China
  • Richard Todd Yoder, Unorthodox Flesh: Gender, Religious Convulsions, and Charismatic Knowledge in Early Modern France

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