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May 18, 2018

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Each year, the awards several research grants with the aim of advancing the study and exploration of history in a number of diverse subject areas. The AHA is pleased to announce the 2018 winners for the Albert J. Beveridge Grant, Michael Kraus Research Grant, Littleton-Griswold Grant, and the Bernadotte Schmitt Grant. The grantees will be conducting research over the course of the year. Congratulations to all of our winners! 

Albert J. Beveridge Grant to support research in the history of the Western hemisphere:

  • Alvita Akiboh,Imperial Material: Objects and Identity in the United States Colonial Empire, 1898–1959
  • James Almeida, Minting Slavery: Labor and Race in Potosí, 1570–1800
  • Jacob Anbinder, Cities of Amber: Anti-Growth Politics in Postwar Urban America
  • Emily Berquist, The Atlantic Slave Trade and the Rise and Fall of the Spanish Empire
  • Eladio Bobadilla, “One People without Borders”: The Lost Roots of the Immigrants’ Rights Movement, 1954–Present
  • Katherine Carper, The Business of Migration, 1830–1880
  • Jane Dinwoodie, Absent Presence: Avoiding Indian Removal in the Continental United States, 1810–1880
  • Maria Hammack, South of Slavery: Black Border Crossers in the Nineteenth Century Mexico-US Global South
  • Ruth Lawlor, Rape and American Soldiers: Europe, 1942–1946
  • Natalie Mendoza, The Good Neighbor at Home: Mexican American Politics and Identity during World War II
  • Ivón Padilla-Rodríguez,Hidden in the Fields: Invisible Agricultural Child Labor in the American Southwest and the Limits of Citizenship
  • Ryan Tate, The Saudi Arabia of Coal: The Making of America’s Energy Frontier, 1960–2016

Michael Kraus Research Grant to support research in American colonial history

  • Juneisy Hawkins, Illicit Anglo-Spanish Food Trade in the Colonial American Southeast, 1703–1763
  • Nicole Mahoney, Liberty, Gentility, and Dangerous Liaisons: French Culture and Polite Society in Early National America, 1770–1825
  • Maria Ryan, Hearing Power, Sounding Freedom: Black Practices of Music-Making and Ear-Training in the British Colonial Caribbean, 1807–1853

Littleton-Griswold Research Grant to support research in US legal history and in the general field of law and society

  • Esther Cyna, From Equity to Excellence? Shifting Strategies in School Finance Litigation and Education Policy in North Carolina, 1970s–1990s
  • Koji Ito,Contested Imperial Waters: Disputes over Migratory Fish and the Origins of the Territorialization of the Bering Sea, 1925–1952
  • Jane Manners, The Great New York Fire of 1835 and the Law and Politics of Disaster Relief in Jacksonian America

Bernadotte Schmitt Grant to support research in the history of Europe, Asia, and Africa

  • Jillian Bjerke, Both King and Count: Joint Lordship in Thirteenth-Century Navarre and Champagne
  • Ryan Butler, Stewardship and Synergy: How “Vital Religion” Forged Anti-Slavery and Empire in the British Atlantic World, 1772–1846
  • Ala Creciun, Reform on the Eve of Revolution: Russian Press and Competing Visions for the Monarchy in the 1880s
  • Chelsea Davis, Cultivating Imperial Networks: British Colonial Wine Production at the Cape of Good Hope and South Australia, 1806–1910
  • Joshua Ehrlich, The East India Company and the Politics of Knowledge
  • Lewis Eliot, Abolitionism, Enslavement, and the Stateless Atlantic World, 1823–1868
  • Xiaoqian Ji, Cosmetic Practices in Early Modern China: Consumption, Vernacular Knowledge, and Technologies of Gender
  • David Jones, A History of Punishment in Northern Namibia
  • Alexey Krichtal, Liverpool, Slavery, and the Atlantic Cotton Frontier, 1763–1833
  • Anh Le, Chinese Migration, Colonialism, and the Making of Cosmopolitan Saigon, 1862–1940
  • Amanda Madden, Women, Vendetta, and State Formation in the Duchy of Modena, 1450–1650
  • James Miller, Energy Dependence: Electricity, Modernity, and Development in Twentieth-Century South Africa
  • Aislinn Muller, Missions and Materiality in Early Modern England, c. 1580–1773
  • Kaspar Pucek, The Post-Communist Divergence: Economic Governance and Development in Russia and Poland, c. 1970–Present
  • Nova Robinson, Truly Sisters: Syrian and Lebanese Women’s Transnational Activist Networks
  • David Sadighian, The World is a Composition: Beaux-Arts Design and Internationalism, 1867–1932
  • Matthew Shutzer, Extractive Ecologies: Fossil Fuels, Global Capital, and Postcolonial Development in India, 1870–1975
  • Sudipa Topdar, Criminalizing Adolescence: Race, Anxieties, and Violent Dissent in Late Colonial India
  • Amanda M. Williams, Materials for Maternity: The Abortion Procedure, Communist Morality, and the Urbanisation of Soviet Russia, 1950–1979
  • Xiaoshun Zeng, Diagnosing Minorities: Ethnic Hygiene and Nation Building on China’s Inner Asian Frontiers in the Early People’s Republic, 1949–1964

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