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April 1, 2006

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Editor's Note: We print below a list of the fellowships and grants awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities to individual scholars to support research in the humanities. The list, drawn from the announcement made in December 2005, and available online at, does not include grants made to groups and organizations under such programs as preservation and access or the NEH initiative for recovering Iraq’s past.


  • Robert Bjork (Arizona State Univ.), The Emergence of a Discipline: The Scandinavians and Anglo-Saxon Literary Studies
  • Frederic Canovas (Arizona State Univ.), The Relationship Between the Writings of Andre Gide and the Art of Maurice Denis
  • Diane Wolfthal (Arizona State Univ.), Hugo van der Goes: Historiography, Italian Patronage, and the Devotio Moderna


  • David Chappell (Univ. of Arkansas at Fayetteville), White Supremacist Propaganda and Strategy in the American South, 1945–1965 (A We the People project)
  • Lynn Jacobs (Univ. of Arkansas at Fayetteville), The Early Netherlandish Triptych Reinterpreted California


  • Todd Hickey (Univ. of California at Berkeley), Reading the Papyri of a Priestly Family: Social Relations and Cultural Negotiation in Egypt under Roman Rule
  • Ignacio Navarrete (Univ. of California at Berkeley), Narrative Culture in Spain, c. 1500
  • Terri Snyder (California State Univ., Fullerton Foundation), Suicide in the Early American South
  • Ping Yao (California State Univ. at Los Angeles), An Anthology of Epitaphs from the Tang Dynasty, 618–907
  • J. Douglas Smith (independent scholar),An Unfinished Revolution: Reapportionment and the Quest for Democracy in 20th-Century America
  • Kadri Vihvelin (Univ. of Southern California),Our Doings and What We Allow
  • John Brewer (California Inst. of Technology), Conflicts of Value in the Western Art World Since the Renaissance
  • Kathryn Edgerton-Tarpley (San Diego State Univ.), Cultural Responses to the "Incredible Famine" in Late Qing China, 1876–1879
  • Jacqueline Taylor (Univ. of San Francisco),Passion, Sympathy, and Society in Hume's Philosophy
  • Richard Tieszen (San Jose State Univ.),Phenomenology and the Exact Sciences
  • Kathryn Smith (independent scholar), The Exhibitions of Frank Lloyd Wright: 1894–1959 (A We the People project)
  • Kären Wigen (Stanford Univ.),Geopolitics and Geopieties in 20th-Century Nagano


  • Thomas Bredehoft (Univ. of Northern Colorado), Authors and Audiences of Old English Verse


  • Helen Myers (independent scholar), Postcolonial Music and the South Asian Diaspora: A Comparison of the Bhojpuri Songs of Mauritius and Bihar
  • Steven Horst (Wesleyan Univ.), Cognitive Pluralism: Unities and Disunities of Knowledge and the Mind
  • John Rider (Wesleyan Univ.),A Translation of Galbert of Bruges' De Multro Traditione et Occisione Gloriosi Karoli Comitis Flandriarum
  • Ronald Rittgers (Yale Univ.),The Reformation of Suffering: Protestants, Plague, and Misfortune in Early Modern Germany
  • Noel Valis (Yale Univ.), Catholicism in Modern Spanish Narrative
  • Marc Forster (Connecticut Coll.),Taverns and Inns, Drinking and Sociability in Early Modern German Villages
  • Jean Givens (Univ. of Connecticut), Picturing the Healing Arts: Word, Image, and the Illustrated Tractatus de Herbis, 1280–1526

District Of Columbia

  • William Klingshirn (Catholic Univ. of America), Diviners and Divination in the Roman Empire
  • Lori Merish (Georgetown Univ.),Laboring Women and the Languages of Class in Antebellum America
  • Nicoletta Pireddu (Georgetown Univ.), The Fiction of Europe, Europe in Fiction


  • Rebecca Friedman (Florida International Univ.), A Cultural History of the Russian Home
  • Santa Arias (Florida State Univ.),Acts of Conversion
  • Melanie Hubbard (Univ. of Tampa), Emily Dickinson'sPoetic Practices in 19th-Century Contexts (A We the People project)


  • Douglas Stott (independent scholar), The Correspondence of Caroline Schlegel-Schelling (1763–1809): Translation and Annotations


  • David Raskin (School of Art Inst. of Chicago), The Pragmatic Minimalist: Donald Judd's Art, Principles, and Activism
  • Dain Borges (Univ. of Chicago), Races, Crowds, and Souls in Brazilian Social Thought, 1880–1922
  • Matthew Kapstein (Univ. of Chicago), Visions, Dreams, and Apocrypha in a Tibetan Buddhist Tradition
  • John Ramsey (Univ. of Illinois at Chicago), A Commentary on Cicero's Philippics 10–14
  • Christine Worobec (Northern Illinois Univ.), Moving Faith: Pilgrimages in Modern Russia
  • Scott Palmer (Western Illinois Univ.), Monumentality, Modernity, and the Soviet Built Environment


  • Mary Davidson (Indiana Univ. at Bloomington), Recovering the Literature of Earlier American Music Periodicals
  • Ajay Mehrotra (Indiana Univ. at Bloomington), Law, Politics, and the Making of the Modern American Fiscal State (A We the People project)
  • Olivia Constable (Univ. of Notre Dame), Muslims in Medieval Europe
  • Robert Goulding (Univ. of Notre Dame), Vision, Optics, and Experimental Traditions in the Renaissance
  • Mary Keys (Univ. of Notre Dame), Humility and Modern Politics
  • Margaret Meserve (Univ. of Notre Dame),The Italian Market for Printed News and Information, 1470–1527
  • Elizabeth Cazden (independent scholar),Rhode Island Quakers in a Slave-Based Economy, 1660–1780
  • Victoria Woeste (American Bar Foundation), Fighting Antisemitism in Model T America


  • Craig Gibson (Univ. of Iowa), Translation of Libanius' Progymnasmata: A Collection of Ancient Greek Rhetorical Exercises


  • Amy McNair (Univ. of Kansas at Lawrence),Lives of the Imperial Painters: Chinese Biographies in Translation


  • Richard Keyser (Western Kentucky Univ.),From Gift to Contract: The Transformation of Medieval Property Dealings, Champagne, 1100–1350
  • Jeffrey Samuels (Western Kentucky Univ.),Monastic Recruitment, Training, and Monastic-Lay Relations in Contemporary Sri Lanka
  • James Morrison (Centre Coll. of Kentucky),Shipwrecks and the Reinvention of Self in Homer, Shakespeare, Defoe, and the Modern World
  • James Francis (Univ. of Kentucky), People as Pictures: Visualities in Texts and Images from the Second through Fourth Centuries CE


  • Gwendolyn Hall (Southern Univ. System), Comparing Race, Ethnicity, Slavery, and Freedom in French, Spanish, and Early American Louisiana, 1719–1820 (A We the People project)
  • Michael Mizell-Nelson (Univ. of New Orleans), Slavery to Gentrification on New Orleans Streetcars


  • John Holt (Bowdoin Coll.), Buddhism and Political Change in Laos
  • Jean Yarbrough (Bowdoin Coll.), Theodore Roosevelt and the Progressive Critique of the Founding (A We the People project)
  • Martin Daly (independent scholar),A History of Darfur


  • Lisa King (Morgan State Univ.), African American Sailors in the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron during the Civil War (A We the People project)
  • Shirley Logan (Univ. of Maryland at Coll. Park), Sites of Rhetorical Education for African Americans in the 19th Century (A We the People project)


  • Catherine Portuges (Univ. of Massachusetts at Amherst), Post-Holocaust Jewish Identities in Hungarian Cinema
  • Renee Bergland (Simmons Coll.),Maria Mitchell's Literary, Political, and Scientific Spheres (A We the People project)
  • Nancy Stieber (Univ. of Massachusetts at Boston), Representations of Fin-de-siècle Amsterdam
  • Beverly Kienzle (Harvard Divinity School),Hildegard of Bingen, Visionary Exegete and Preacher
  • Leah Price (Harvard Univ.),The Stenographic Imagination: Office Work and the Work of Literature in Modern Britain
  • Andrea Volpe (Harvard Univ.), Cartes de Visite Portraits and the Politics of Photography in 19th-Century America
  • Ellen Harris (Massachusetts Institute of Technology),Mr. Handel and His Friends: Music in the Context of 18th-Century London Life
  • Ruth Perry (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), A Biography of Anna Gordon Brown: 18th-Century Traditional Ballad Singer
  • Elizabeth Rowe (independent scholar), The Medieval Annals of Iceland: A First English Translation
  • Paul Staiti (Mount Holyoke Coll.), Art and Nationhood in the Age of Jefferson (A We the People project)
  • Edward Gollin (Williams Coll.), The Music of Béla Bartók and the Transformation of Tonality
  • Susan Maruko (Williams Coll.), The Violent Politics of Modern Japan, 1860–1960
  • John Hench (American Antiquarian Society), "Overseas Editions" and the Internationalization of the U.S. Book Trade, 1942–48
  • Daniel Klinghard (Coll. of the Holy Cross), The Nationalization of American Party Organizations, 1880-1900 (A We the People project)


  • Marcy Sacks (Albion Coll.), Joe Louis at the Crossroads of America (A We the People project)
  • Miranda Brown (Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor), Chinese Medical Epistemology in Transition, ca. 350 BCE–220 CE
  • Margaret Somers (Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor), The Making of Modern Citizenship Rights, England, 1200–1850


  • William Kuskin (Univ. of Southern Mississippi), Recursive Origins: Textual Culture, Historical Transition, and the Rise of Modernity


  • Monte Johnson (St. Louis Univ.), Aristotle's "Exhortation to Philosophy" (Protrepticus Philosophias)
  • Michael Yonan (St. Louis Univ.), Empress Maria Theresa and the Politics of Imperial Art
  • Robert Henke (Washington Univ.), Fictions of the Poor in Early Modern Theater
  • Michael Sherberg (Washington Univ.), A Reevaluation of Boccaccio's Decameron in the Context of Medieval and Modern Legal Theory
  • Lori Watt (Washington Univ.), When Empire Comes Home: Repatriation in Postwar Japan

New Hampshire

  • Eliga Gould (Univ. of New Hampshire at Durham),Zones of Law, Zones of Violence: Britain, America, and the Legal Geography of the Revolutionary Atlantic (A We the People project)
  • Sarah Allan (Dartmouth Coll.),Dynastic Legend and Philosophical Theory in Recently Discovered Bamboo-Slip Texts

New Jersey

  • William Tucker (Rutgers Univ. at Camden),Science and Ideology in the Work of Raymond Cattell
  • Herman Bennett (Rutgers Univ. at New Brunswick), Narratives of Freedom in Colonial Mexico
  • Jocelyn Small (Rutgers Univ. at New Brunswick), Optics and Illusionism in Classical Art
  • Angela N. Creager (Princeton Univ.), Atoms for Peace and Health: Tracing the Manhattan Project through Postwar Biomedicine (A We the People project)
  • Jennifer Greeson (Princeton Univ.), Domestic Geography and Global Imagination in American Literature, 1776-1915 (A We the People project)
  • Claudia Johnson (Princeton Univ.),Jane Austen's Cults and Cultures
  • Elizabeth Emery (Montclair State Univ.),Collecting French Writers: Photojournalism, Fame, and the Birth of the "Author House"
  • Tanya Pollard (Montclair State Univ.),Genres and Ancient Greece in the English Renaissance

New Mexico

  • Jay Rubenstein (Univ. of New Mexico), Holy War and History: The Legacy of the First Crusade in 12th-Century Europe
  • Elizabeth Horodowich (New Mexico State Univ. at Las Cruces), The Creation of Civic Identity in 16th-Century Venice
  • Elizabeth Schirmer (New Mexico State Univ. at Las Cruces), Inventing English Textuality in 15th-Century Religious Writing
  • Harald Thorsrud (New Mexico State Univ. at Las Cruces), Cicero's Ethics

New York

  • Cynthia Koepp (Wells Coll.),The Forgotten Best-Seller of 18th-Century Europe: Rereading the "Spectacle de la nature"
  • Barbara Heyman (CUNY Research Foundation, Brooklyn Coll.),A Comprehensive Thematic Catalog of the Complete Works of the American Composer Samuel Barber (1910-1981) (A We the People project)
  • Thomas Wilson (Hamilton Coll.), The Problem of Sacrifice and the Cult of Confucius in Late Imperial China
  • Eliza Kent (Colgate Univ.), Religion and Environmentalism in South India
  • Michael Peletz (Colgate Univ.),Gender Pluralism in Muslim and Buddhist Southeast Asia Since Early Modern Times
  • Nancy Winter (American Academy in Rome), Decorative Systems of Etruscan Terracotta Roofs, 640–510 BCE
  • Nara Milanich (Barnard Coll.), Families, Class, and the State in Chile, 1800–1930
  • Gail Levin (CUNY Research Foundation, Bernard Baruch Coll.),Identity, Culture, and the Art of Yasuo Kuniyoshi
  • Juan Flores (CUNY Research Foundation, Hunter Coll.),Cultural Challenges of Return Migration
  • Seth Schwartz (Jewish Theological Seminary of America), Toward a History of Ancient Jewish Social Relations
  • Ned Block (New York Univ.), How the Mind-Body Problem Can Be Empirical
  • Rebecca Edwards (Vassar Coll.),The Life of Mary E. Lease, People's Advocate
  • Ralph Locke (Eastman School of Music), Exotic Lands and Peoples in Western Music
  • Mark Elliott (Wagner Coll.), In Quest of a Color-Blind America: The Life and Times of Albion Tourgée
  • Christina Bethin (SUNY Research Foundation, Stony Brook Main Campus), The Form and Function of Prominence in Slavic Languages
  • Bonnie Gordon (SUNY Research Foundation, Stony Brook Main Campus), Voice Machines: The Castrato, the Cat Piano, and Other Strange Sounds

North Carolina

  • Kathryn Burns (Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Truth and Consequences: Scribes and the Colonization of Spanish America
  • Sarah Shields (Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Creating and Contesting Identities in Alexandretta
  • Stephen Berry (Univ. of North Carolina at Pembroke), The Todds: First Family of the Civil War (A We the People project)


  • Leigh Wheeler (Bowling Green State Univ.),How the American Civil Liberties Union Shaped U.S. Policy and Culture in the 20th Century
  • Robert Buffington (Bowling Green State Univ.),A Sentimental Education for the Working Man: Mexico City, 1900–1910
  • Jack Davis (Univ. of Cincinnati), The Institutionalization of Classical Archaeology: Archaeology in Greece Between World War I and World War II
  • David Brewer (Ohio State Univ. , Main Campus),The Work of Attribution in the Age of Anonymous Publication
  • Margaret Newell (Ohio State Univ. , Main Campus), Indian Slavery in Colonial New England
  • Daniel Prior (Ohio State Univ. , Main Campus), Holy War, Tribal War, and Raiding in Kirghiz Culture, 1846–1916
  • Nathan Rosenstein (Ohio State Univ. , Main Campus), Military Mortality in the Middle and Late Roman Republic
  • George McCarthy (Kenyon Coll.),Aristotle and Kant in Classical Social Theory
  • Paula Richman (Oberlin Coll), Ramayanas Abroad: Adaptations of a South Asian Narrative in the Diaspora


  • Paul Rahe (Univ. of Tulsa), The Political Psychology of the Modern Republic


  • Lisa Steinman (Reed Coll.), Poetry, Poetics, and Readers in Contemporary American Culture


  • William Honeychurch (Gettysburg Coll.),Inner Asia and the Spatial Politics of Empire Monograph Project
  • Helen Faller (independent scholar),One Nation Divisible: The Unmaking of Soviet People in Tatarstan, Russia
  • Marcia Hall (Temple Univ. ),Late 16th-Century Painting in the Context of Reform: Titian, Tintoretto, El Greco, Barocci, Caravaggio
  • Nancy Hirschmann (Univ. of Pennsylvania) A Political Theory of Disability and Illness
  • Evelyn Rawski (Univ. of Pittsburgh), China and Its Neighbors in Northeast Asian History
  • Lori Ginzberg (Pennsylvania State Univ., Main Campus) Biography of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, 19th-Century Feminist and Intellectual (A We the People project)
  • Seth Koven (Villanova Univ.),Christian Revolutionaries in 20th-Century Britain: Peace, Poverty, and Global Citizenship

Rhode Island

  • Saul Olyan (Brown Univ.), Disability in the Hebrew Bible and Ancient Jewish Biblical Interpretation
  • Susan Allen (Providence Coll.), Archaeologist Field Agents in the Office of Strategic Services' Greek Desk

South Carolina

  • Paul Johnson (Univ. of South Carolina at Columbia), The First Great American Horse Race: The Northern Horse Eclipse vs. the Southern Horse Henry, 1823 (A We the People project)
  • David Miller (Univ. of South Carolina at Columbia), Spenser Edition

South Dakota

  • Janet Atwill (Univ. of Tennessee at Knoxville),The Role of Character in Greek Rhetorical Training
  • Yoshikuni Igarashi (Vanderbilt Univ.),Postwar Japan and Visions of Mass Consumer Society


  • Kathryn Hansen (Univ. of Texas at Austin), Theatrical Memoirs: Translation of Life Narratives from the Parsi Theatre
  • Monica Diaz (Univ. of Texas, Pan American),The Lives and Writings of Indigenous Nuns in Colonial Mexico
  • Linda Hughes (Texas Christian Univ.),Victorian Poetry and Print Culture
  • Elizabeth Spiller (Texas Christian Univ.), Race, Romance, and the Complexion of Early Modern Print Culture
  • Carla Gerona (Univ. of Texas at Dallas), An Ethnohistory of an Early Texas Place from the Caddos to the Texians (A We the People project)
  • Ben Olguin (Univ. of Texas at San Antonio),Race, Soldiering, and Transnational Citizenship in Mexican American War Narratives, 1835–2005
  • Thomas Kidd (Baylor Univ.),The First Generation of American Evangelical Christianity (AWe the People project)


  • Eric Dursteler (Brigham Young Univ. , Provo), Gender, Conversion, and Boundaries in the Early Modern Mediterranean
  • Olivia Mattis (independent scholar), Edgard Varese and the Liberation of Sound


  • Heather Clark (Marlboro Coll.), The Poetic Dialogue of Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath
  • James Davis (Middlebury Coll.), On Religious Liberty: Selections from the Writings of Roger Williams (A We the People project)
  • Pieter Broucke (Middlebury Coll.), Reconstructing the Pantheon of Agrippa: Architecture, Sculpture, and Meaning


  • Lawrie Balfour (Univ. of Virginia), Essays on the Political Thought of W.E.B. Du Bois (A We the People project)
  • Dell Upton (Univ. of Virginia), African American History Monuments and Contemporary Southern Politics
  • Suzanne Smith (George Mason Univ.), A Cultural History of African American Funeral Directing
  • Adam Potkay (Coll. of William and Mary),The Story of Joy: The Literary and Intellectual History of an Emotion
  • Sally Price (Coll. of William and Mary), Art, Museums, and Cultural Difference


  • Paul Buell (Western Washington Univ.), Documenting the Medicine of the Mongol Era in China: Huihui Yaofang, "Muslim Medicinal Recipes"
  • Joan Grenier-Winther (Washington State Univ.), WWW/Database Edition of 15th-Century French Lyric, "La Belle dame qui eut mercy" ["The Beautiful Lady with Mercy"]
  • David Pietz (Washington State Univ.), Engineering a State of Nature: Hydraulic Transformations on the North China Plain, 1949–1999


  • Sabine Hyland (St. Norbert Coll.), The Chanka and the Development of Native Lords in the Andes
  • Kirin Narayan (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison), Women's Sung Mythologies from the Himalayan Foothills
  • Ryan Hanley (Marquette Univ.),Adam Smith and the Character of Virtue
  • James Stokes (Univ. of Wisconsin- Stevens Point), Traditional Drama, Music, and Custom in Early Suffolk


  • Michelle Marrese (Univ. of Toronto),Creating the Formidable Woman: Gender and Authority in Imperial Russia
  • Paul Betts (Univ. of Sussex), A History of East German Private Life
  • Glenda Goss (Helsinki Univ. Library), Russian-Finnish Cultural Connections: The Case of Jean Sibelius

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