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March 1, 1995

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AHA Activities

The following list provides the names of AHA officers and elected Council members; it reflects the Association's approved committee structure for 1995.


John H. Coatsworth (Harvard Univ.), president; Caroline Walker Bynum (Columbia Univ.), president-elect; Thomas C. Holt (Univ. of Chicago), immediate past president; Peter N. Stearns (Carnegie Mellon Univ.), vice president, Teaching Division; Drew Gilpin Faust (Univ. of Pennsylvania), vice president, Professional Division; William G. Rosenberg (Univ. of Michigan), vice president, Research Division; Leslie Brown, (Duke Univ./Skidmore Coll.), graduate student; Walter LaFeber (Cornell Univ.); Mary Elizabeth Perry (Occidental Coll. and Univ. of California at Los Angeles); Barbara N. Ramusack (Univ. of Cincinnati); Donald A. Ritchie (U.S. Senate Historical Office); David S. Trask (Guilford Technical Comm. Coll.); Sandria B. Freitag (AHA) and David L. Ransel (AHR), ex officio



Drew Gilpin Faust, vice president; Mary Elizabeth Perry, Council member; Reid Andrews (Univ. of Pittsburgh); William J. Cronon (Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison); Claire G. Moses (Univ. of Maryland at College Park)


William Rosenberg, vice president; Walter LaFeber, Council member; Donna J. Guy (Univ. of Arizona); Laurel Thatcher Ulrich (Univ. of New Hampshire)


Peter N. Stearns, vice president; David S. Trask, Council member; Evelyn Hu-DeHart (Univ. of Colorado at Boulder); James J. Lorence (Univ. of Wisconsin Center at Marathon County); Doris Meadows (Wilson Magnet High School, Rochester, N.Y.)

Nominating Committee

James Grossman (Newberry Library), chair; Gordon H. Chang (Stanford Univ.); Lizabeth Cohen (New York Univ.); Marcia L. Colish (Oberlin Coll.); José Cuello (Wayne State Univ.); Sylvia M. Jacobs (North Carolina Central Univ.); Karen Ordahl Kupperman (Univ. of Connecticut at Storrs); Sarah Maza (Northwestern Univ.); Arthur Zilversmit (Lake Forest Coll.)

Committee on Committees

Caroline Bynum, chair; Ramón Gutiérrez (Univ. of California at San Diego); Geoffrey Parker (Yale Univ.); Kathy Peiss (Univ. of Massachusetts); Bonnie G. Smith (Rutgers Univ.)

Committee on Affiliated Societies

Caroline Bynum, chair; Leslie Brown, Council member; Edith Couturier (National Endowment for the Humanities); George M. Wilson (Indiana Univ.)

Standing Committees

Committee on the Harold Vyvyan Harmsworth Professorship in American History

James Henretta (Univ. of Maryland at College Park), chair; John L. Gaddis (Ohio Univ.); Eric Foner (Columbia Univ.);John H. Coatsworth, president; Caroline Bynum, president-elect

Committee on International Historical Activities

Jean Quataert (State Univ. of New York at Binghamton), chair; William C. Jordan (Princeton Univ.); Nikki Keddie (Univ. of California at Los Angeles); Jaime Rodriguez O. (Univ. of California at Irvine); Allan Winkler (Miami Univ. of Ohio)

Committee on Minority Historians

Allison Blakely (Howard Univ.), chair; Cynthia Blair (Harvard Univ.), graduate student; Donald Fixico (Western Michigan Univ.); Neil F. Foley (Univ. of Texas at Austin); Joseph Taylor (Bethune-Cookman Coll.); Gary Okihiro (Cornell Univ.); Zaragosa Vargas (Univ. of California at Santa Barbara)

Committee on Women Historians

Susan Kent (Univ. of Colorado at Boulder), chair; Eleanor Alexander (Brown Univ.), graduate student; Iris Berger (State Univ. of New York at Albany); Stanley Chojnacki (Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill); Carla Hesse (Univ. of California at Berkeley); Linda Shopes (Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Comm.)

Membership Committee

David Berry (Essex [N.J.] Comm. Coll.); Ron Briley (Sandia Preparatory School, Albuquerque, N.Mex.); Lonnie Bunch (National Museum of American History); Dina Copelman (George Mason Univ.); Tamara Hareven (Univ. of Delaware); Alton Hornsby, Jr. (Morehouse Coll.); Diane Koenker (Univ. of Illinois); Glen Kuecker (Rutgers Univ.), graduate student

Prize and Fellowship Committees

Committee on the Herbert Baxter Adams Prize

David P. Jordon (Univ. of Illinois at Chicago), chair; Judith Brown (Stanford Univ.); Seymour Drescher (Univ. of Pittsburgh); Jan Goldstein (Univ. of Chicago); Ronnie Po-Chia Hsia (New York Univ.)

Committee on the George Louis Beer Prize

William Shorrock (Cleveland State Univ.), chair; Sheila Fitzpatrick (Univ. of Chicago); Theodore Koditschek (Univ. of Missouri at Columbia); Diane Koenker (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Gaines Post, Jr. (Claremont McKenna Coll.); Tyler Stovall (Univ. of California at Santa Cruz)

Committee on the Albert J. Beveridge Award

Michael McGerr (Indiana Univ.), chair; Stephen Haber (Stanford Univ.); Stuart Schwartz (Univ. of Minnesota); Helena Wall (Pomona Coll.); Peter Wood (Duke Univ.)

Committee on the James Henry Breasted Prize

Melissa Meyer (Univ. of California at Los Angeles), chair; Patricia Seed (Rice Univ.); John Thornton (Millersville Univ.)

Committee on the John K. Fairbank Prize

Carter Eckert (Harvard Univ.), chair; Pamela Crossley (Dartmouth Coll.); Prasenjit Duara (Univ. of Chicago); Sheldon Garon (Princeton Univ.); Stefan Tanaka (Clark Univ.)

Committee on the Herbert Feis Award

David Wigdor (Library of Congress), chair; Alan Dawley (Princeton Univ.); Linda Martz (Bethesda, Md.); Francisco Scarano (Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison); one position to be filled

Committee on the Morris D. Forkosch Prize

Richard Greaves (Florida State Univ.), chair; Raymond Dumett (Purdue Univ.); Margot Finn (Emory Univ.); Howard Johnson (Univ. of Delaware); Dane Kennedy (Univ. of Nebraska)

Committee on the Leo Gershoy Award

Cissie Fairchilds (Syracuse Univ.), chair; John Marino (Univ. of California at San Diego); Helen Nader (Univ. of Arizona); Jeremy Popkin (Univ. of Kentucky); David Harris Sacks (Reed Coll.)

Committee on the J. Franklin Jameson Prize

Jean Soderlund (Lehigh Univ.),chair; Charles Cullen (Newberry Library); Georgette Dorn (Library of Congress); E. J. Van Kley (Calvin Coll.); Clarence Walker (Univ. of California at Davis)

Committee on the Joan Kelly Memorial Prize

Virginia Scharff (Univ. of New Mexico), chair; Isabel Hull (Cornell Univ.); Dennis Romano (Syracuse Univ.); Anne Scott (Duke Univ.); Ann Twinam (Univ. of Cincinnati)

Committee on the Littleton-Griswold Prize

Bruce Mann (Univ. of Pennsylvania), chair; James Henretta (Univ. of Maryland at College Park); Laura Kalman (Univ. of California at Santa Barbara); Stanley Kutler (Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison); Leonard Levy (Ashland, Ore.)

Committee on the Helen and Howard R. Marraro Prizes in Italian History

Alexander J. DeGrand (North Carolina State Univ.), chair; Paul Grendler (Chapel Hill, N.C.); Alice Kelikian (Brandeis Univ.)

Committee on the Wesley Logan Prize

Arvarh Strickland (Univ. of Missouri at Columbia), chair; Colin Palmer (Graduate School of the City Univ. of New York); Sterling Stuckey (Univ. of California at Riverside)

Committee on the John E. O'Connor Film Award

Thomas Cripps (Morgan State Univ.), chair; Daniel J. Czitrom (Mount Holyoke Coll.); Paul Vanderwood (San Diego State Univ.)

Committee on the Nancy Roelker Mentorship Award

Susan Glenn (Univ. of Washington); Marilynn Jo Hitchens (Wheat Ridge High School, Denver); Gloria Miranda (El Camino [Calif.] Comm. Coll.); Jill Watts (California State Univ. at San Marcos)

Committee on the J. Franklin Jameson Fellowship

David Brody (Univ. of California at Davis), chair; Paula Baker (Univ. of Pittsburgh); Kathleen Conzen (Univ. of Chicago); Nan Woodruff (Pennsylvania State Univ.); one position to be filled

Committee on the NASA Fellowship

William H. Becker (George Washington Univ.), chair; Robert Frost (State Univ. of New York at Albany)

Special, Joint, and Ad Hoc Committees

History Teaching Alliance Oversight Committee

Bryan F. LeBeau (Creighton Univ.); Jean Fleet (Riverside [Wis.] High School); James B. Gardner (AHA), ex officio

Joint AHA-Canadian Historical Association Committee

Carl Ubbelode (Case Western Reserve Univ.), chair; Scott W. See (Univ. of Vermont); Gordon T. Stewart (Michigan State Univ.)

Joint AHA-OAH-SAA Committee on Historians and Archivists

Pete Daniel (Smithsonian Inst.); Jacqueline Goggin (Harvard Univ.); James B. Gardner (AHA), ex officio

Program Committee for 1996

Renate Bridenthal (Brooklyn Coll./City Univ. of New York), chair; Patrick Manning (Northeastern Univ.), cochair; Edmund Burke III (Merrill Coll.); Thomas J. Davis (State Univ. of New York at Buffalo); Barbara Alpern Engel (Univ. of Colorado at Boulder); Harvey Green (Northeastern Univ.); Donna Rogers (Clayton High School, St. Louis); David Harris Sacks (Reed Coll.); Patricia Seed (Rice Univ.); Susan Mosher Stuard (Haverford Coll.); Anand A. Yang (Univ. of Utah); Margaret Strobel (Univ. of Illinois at Chicago), 1997 chair; Michael J. Galgano (James Madison Univ.), 1997 cochair


Advisory Committee on Historical Diplomatic Documentation

Warren F. Kimball (Rutgers Univ.)

American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies

Melissa Bokovoy (Univ. of New Mexico)

American Council of Learned Societies

Leon Litwack (Univ. of California at Berkeley)

International Committee of Historical Sciences

Jean Quataert (State Univ. of New York at Binghamton)

National Advisory Board of the History Teacher

Peter N. Stearns (Carnegie Mellon Univ.); Christine Compston (History Teaching Alliance/National History Education Network)

National Historical Publications and Records Commission

Constance B. Schulz (Univ. of South Carolina)

Social Science Research Council

William Cronon (Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison)

Note: Sandria B. Freitag, executive director of the AHA, is an ex officio member of all committees.

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