Publication Date

May 1, 1993

Perspectives Section

AHA Activities

At its spring meeting, the Association’s Research Division selected eighteen AHA members to receive grants for further research in the history of the Western hemisphere.

Beveridge grants are offered for research in the history of the United States, Canada, or Latin America. The Littleton-Griswold grants-in-aid program covers research in American legal history and the field of law and society. The Kraus grant seeks to recognize the most deserving proposal relating to work in progress on a research project in American colonial history, with particular reference to the intercultural aspects of American and European relations. The number of grants awarded from the funds each year depends on the balance of income from the funds after other continuing obligations are met.

The following members, and their proposed research projects, were selected from the 139 applications reviewed:


Beveridge Grants


89 Applications-10 Grants

Regina Lee Blaszczyk, Ph.D. candidate, University of Delaware, “Imagining Consumers”

Eric T. Dean, Jr., Ph.D. candidate, Yale University, “In Evident Mental Commotion: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the American Civil War”

Todd DePastino, Ph.D. candidate, Yale University, “The Homeless Man in American Culture, 1865-1980”

Kevin G. Kenny, Ph.D. candidate, Columbia University, “Making Sense of the Molly Maguires”

M. Alison Kibler, Ph.D. candidate, University of Iowa, “Female Varieties: Women and Cultural Hierarchy on the Keith Vaudeville Circuit, 1890-1925”

John Majewskl, Ph.D. candidate, UCLA, “Social Origins of the Transportation Revolution”

Steven D. Marquardt, Ph.D, candidate, University of Washington, “Plantation Labor and the State in Costa Rica and Honduras”

Scott A. Sandage, Ph.D. candidate, Rutgers University, “Deadbeats, Drunkards, and Dreamers: The Problem of Personal Failure in Nineteenth-Century America, 1819-1893”

Markusz Claudio Saunt, Ph.D. candidate Duke University, “The Frontiers of Identity: Lower Creeks and Seminoles in the Florida Borderlands, 1733-1795″

Nayan Shah, Ph.D. candidate. University of Chicago, “San Francisco’s ‘Chinatown’: Race and the Cultural Politics of Hygiene. 1869-1941”

Kraus Grant

15 Applications-1 Grant

Karin A. Wulf, Ph.D. candidate, Johns Hopkins University, “Quaker Maidens of ‘The Single State’: Marriage. Spinsterhood, and a Female Self’

Littleton-Griswold Grants

35 Applications-7 Grants

Keith Edgerton, Ph.D. candidate, Washington State University, “Power and Imprisonment in the Pacific Northwest: Incarceration Patterns in the Idaho, Montana, and Washington Territorial Prisons, 1853-1889”

Susan Gonda, Ph.D. candidate, UCLA, “Rape and Its Meaning in Massachusetts, 1800-1900”

Arlela Gross, Ph.D. /J.D. candidate, Stanford University, “Race and Gender in the Slave Law of Warranty and Hire”

Jefferson M. Hooten, Ph.D. candidate, Rice University, “Mexican Americans and Civil Rights: The Case of Texas, 1930-1970”

Diane Miller Sommerville, Ph.D. candidate, Rutgers University, “Sexual Anxiety and the Rape Myth in the Nineteenth-Century South”

Marc Robert Stein, Ph.D. candidate, University of Pennsylvania, “The City of Sisterly and Brotherly Loves: The Making of Lesbian and Gay Communities in Greater Philadelphia, 1945-1975”

David Scott Witwer, Ph.D. candidate, Brown University, “Democratic Reform in the Teamsters Union”


If you would like to be placed on mailing list(s) to receive updated application forms when available for the Beveridge, Kraus, or Littleton-Griswold grants (next deadline: February 1, 1994) or the Schmitt Grants in European, Asian, or African history (next deadline: September 15, 1993),please write the Administrative Assistant, AHA,400A Street S.E., Washington, D.C. 20003.