From the Letters to the Editor column of the April 2005 Perspectives

Taking a Bite Out of the Archive

Andrew H. Lee and Kate E. Contakos, April 2005

To the Editor:

The suggestion—in the article "Taking a Byte Out of the Archives: Making Technology Work for You" (Perspectives, January 2005)—to put a sticky note "on or near the subject" will frequently do exactly that—take a bite out of the archives. Sticky notes can damage paper and remove text information. Worse yet, sticky notes leave behind a harmful adhesive residue that creates an acidic environment and eventually causes the paper to become brittle. We urge readers to please see the warning at postits.html. Some helpful resources are at and

—Andrew H. Lee
Bobst Library, New York University

—Kate E. Contakos
Preservation Librarian
New York University Libraries