Dorr Rebellion Project Website

Erik J. Chaput and Christiane Marie Landry, Providence College | Mar 22, 2021

This comprehensive website is devoted to the 1842 Dorr Rebellion in Rhode Island. The site includes a short-form documentary, a gallery of select images, lesson plans, a database of select letters to and from Thomas Wilson Dorr, and links to articles, educational materials, and Dorr-related events.

The creators recommend the following approach for instruction: To begin, teachers should have students watch the documentary covering the rebellion that appears on the homepage. Next, students should turn to the letter collections, The Road to Rebellion and The Road Not Taken. The overview essays for each of these letter collections should be assigned for homework prior to engaging with the letters. Each letter is accompanied by headnotes and specific guide questions that can be assigned for homework. Next, students should turn to the digitized collection on the website relating to Dorrite women, which includes an overview essay and lesson plans.

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