Digital Resources for Vikings in World History

John Maunu | Oct 14, 2020

Digital Resources for Vikings in World History, compiled by veteran AP World History teacher, Exam Table Leader, and World History Connected Editor, John Maunu, features readings, videos, and lesson plans on the Vikings for high school and undergraduate introductory course instructors. Lessons, Syllabi, Podcasts, Videos, Book and Fillm Reviews, and websites, are available on topics ranging from Norse/Vikings, to Varangian Rus, to the Appropriation of Viking History by White Supremacists, to gender. Note: A few links require a subscription; scroll down for the many connections to open-access lesson plans, syllabi, videos, podcasts, readings and more.

Tags: Europe World Assignments Lecture, Podcast, & Documentary Lesson Plans Primary Sources Readings Syllabus Timelines Teaching Guide Cultural Economic Exploration & Expansion Material Culture Religion Women, Gender, & Sexuality 600 to 1400


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