Consolation Prize

A Podcast About Consuls

Abby Mullen, Host and Executive Producer | Mar 8, 2021

Consolation Prize is a narrative-style podcast which contextualizes nineteenth-century US diplomatic history through consular roles, responsibilities, and actions. The responsibility for the United States' regional reputation often fell squarely on the shoulders of consuls, who facilitated trade and protected the person and property of US citizens. This podcast examines, for example, the challenges of consuls who dealt with how to prove citizenship, as in the case of British impressment of American sailors, or the lure of cold cash when on a tight diplomatic budget. Episodes feature primary source visuals or StoryMaps which allow listeners to track story locations. This site also features a Zotero library and the Early American Foreign Service database, both of which afford students the opportunity to begin independent investigation and research, and offers ways to incorporate this podcast into a wide range of courses.  Each episode includes a full transcript.

Tags: Africa Britain Caribbean Mexico Southeast Asia United States Lecture, Podcast, & Documentary Primary Source Collection for Research Assignments Primary Sources Cultural Digital Methods Economic Empires Exploration & Expansion Human Rights & Violations Labor Legal Maritime Migration & Immigration Political Public Slavery Transnational Urban 1800-1900 1900-1945


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