Jill Wharton

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow

Jill joins the AHA as a Mellon postdoctoral fellow from the University of Notre Dame, where she recently completed her PhD in English Literature. Her dissertation, "Dislocated Modernities," is a comparative study of 20th-century plantation literature in Ireland and the American South. Jill is particularly interested in assisting with the composition, revision, and marketing of Perspectives on History and AHA Today as well as the expansion of the Career Diversity for Historians initiative. She is excited to hold this fellowship because of the unique training opportunities and resources the society offers for exploring alternative academic career paths; her education has moved between degrees in history and literature, which has sharpened her desire to help history graduates, potential majors, faculty, and employers understand and engage with the manifold capacities of training in the field. Jill has worked for the Steering Committee of the American Conference for Irish Studies, is a participant in the International Network of Comparative Humanities, and served as an editorial intern at the Journal of Southern History.